At the American Hunting Lease Association, the premier hunting lease insurance company, access to hunting land and keeping hunters and landowners safe is what we do.

Not only do we have the most simple purchase process and the best coverage at the most affordable price for hunting lease insurance that covers your landowner at no additional cost. But we care deeply about hunters and the outdoor traditions. We are backing that by giving away a hundred harnesses in 100 days leading up to Tree stand safety awareness month.

We have partnered with another company that is dedicated to the safety of hunters everywhere. Hunter Safety System is the leader in tree stand safety harnesses, rope-straps, and hunting safety accessories. As well as made up by a group of passionate individuals, who put hunters first.

The giveaway will be 1 harness a day, for 100 straight days. Beginning on June 23, running through September 30th.

Any current member who has purchased or renewed their policy this year is entered into the drawing automatically. It’s that easy!

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Harness Model: Shadow Harness



Who is Hunter Safety Systems?

Harnesses – Hunter Safety System


“Hunter Safety System, Inc. was born out of a love for hunting and a desire to keep all tree stand hunters safe.  Even so, it took a near-death experience to provide the impetus for the creation of the Hunter Safety System harness.”

A group of individuals who are dedicated to keeping hunters safe all across the country. Who pride themselves on their craftsmanship and ingenuity in the industry. The entire team at AHLA could not be more excited to be able to make a difference in the safety of hunters everywhere.