5 Ways to Enjoy Family Time Outdoors

It is 2021 and the world has never been more connected. Being locked into technology in one way or another is a daily occurrence for almost anyone. whether that’s your day at work, locked onto a computer, or scanning the web for new articles to check out. We have all been there, we have all done that. So don’t worry you are not alone.

But what about when it’s time to unplug and spend time together? Put the popcorn and movies away, forget about a family video game night. This year let’s go back to the basics and spend time outdoors. Camping is the perfect way to spend family time and be with your family in a comfortable, affordable, and all-around great situation.

SO what are the best parts about camping with your family?

  1. Quality Time

It is so easy to get locked into the hustle and bustle of the world while you are working full time. Sometimes you forget that you even have a problem with time spent on your family.

Camping is one of the easiest ways to get serious bonding time. With a lack of distractions, you are guaranteed more individual time. Which is great! How nice of a conversation can you have with your kids if you are all together watching a movie?  A talk around the firepit or a hike around the lake at night is a much better solution.

  1. Covid Worry Free

While we not all be as worried about COVID as the next guy, the peace of mind that camping gives you over the situation going on in our country can’t be matched. Away from both, any chance of getting sick or people in your business about themselves getting sick.

Camping gets you away, not only from the city but people in general. SO if you are looking for a way to wind down without any societal pressures, camping in 2021 is the way to go.

  1. A chance to learn

If you are new to camping, then there is so much to learn. If you yourself are not new to camping, there are infinite things to teach the family!

Camping gives people a chance to practice skills that they normally can not in a residential environment. Some of those things are

  • Fishing
  • Knot tying
  • Fire starting
  • Pitching a tent
  • Many More!

Use the opportunity to do things that you simply couldn’t at home! Things like cooking unique camping meals are another way to really engage your kids with new things! Camping can always become a fun learning experience if that’s what you wanted.

  1. Reconnect

Take this time outdoors to both reconnect with your loved ones and nature as a whole. It is far too easy in 2021 to get caught in the hustle and bustle of life and not take time to yourself.

Camping is an activity that is full of moments of peace, quiet, and serenity. (Depending on how much beer you bring of course). Which is what helps make camping so special.

Go for a nature walk and leave your phone behind. Really embrace what it means to be surrounded by living things. You don’t always have the chance to appreciate what nature has to offer so reset yourself with this time in the woods.

  1. Cost-efficient

Camping has the unique trait of being about as cheap or expensive as you want to make it. You could spend the day at a lodge, paying hundreds of dollars, and enjoy the pruned nature around it.

Or you may find yourself in a tent roasting smores in your back yard. Whichever way you choose to camp, it is as fun as you make it!


If you are lookoing for a great way to combine family, nature and fun this summer, consider camping! It is a great way to reconnect and unwind, without breaking the bank!