Memorial Day – Racing, Gathering and Summer Kick Off!

This weekend is race weekend for everyone around the country, but especially here in Indianapolis!  We decided to compile a list of some of our race day favorites with a twist!  All recipes shown are designed to be eaten with all kinds of wild game.!  If you are looking for inspiration to turn things up a notch with your game meat, check out these recipes.

1. Wild Game Fajitas

The first food to make it on the list is a crowd favorite anywhere you go. Also, these fajitas are best enjoyed using antelope or venison. The recipe is simple enough that almost anyone can cook it. And versatile enough that most game meats could be substituted in!

Be sure to be the talk of the bar-b-que with this great take on a traditional Hispanic dish!

Wild Game Fajitas with Casey Butler (

2. Nilgai, Duck Sausage Kabobs

If you are looking to seriously impressed with your culinary prowess, you can’t go wrong with this awesome kabob. The recipe calls for the combination of antelope, duck, bacon, and a slew of veggies, with the duck and bacon being worked into a sausage.

The ingredient list is the longest part because after you have the ingredients arranged on your stick, it’s up to your grilling! It is recommended that you use a pellet grill with hickory pellets. But it will be delicious on any type of grill! A great treat for friends to eat causally while enjoying the weekend!

Nilgai, Duck Sausage Kabobs | Mossy Oak

3. Wild Caught Trout Burger

I decided that list should include something that even if you don’t have wild game in your freezer, you can still spice up your race weekend. This burger is BEST made with some fresh  caught trout, typically ones that are a half pound or bigger. However, you can really use any kind of flaky fish. Match that with curry-lime mayo and you have yourself some serious flavor.

While fish and burgers are not traditionally paired terms, this one works very well in the summer time and any cold beverage of your choice. Adult or not, but probably adult.

Trout Burgers | MeatEater Cook (

  • Memorial Day honors the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. Military
  • It is known as the unofficial beginning of the summer season
  • Each year, a national moment of remembrance takes place at 3 p.m. local time on Memorial Day
  • It became a federal holiday in 1971

4. Grilled Onion and Mushroom Elk Burger

Okay I know what you’re thinking, and yes I put 2 burgers in a row ion this list. Both because I think burgers are the ultimate race weekend food and because I know some people are adverse to fish. To quote Joe Rogan “fish is good, if there is no meat around”

This take on the classic mushroom and  Swiss burger is awesome. The lean elk mixed with the  savoriness of the mushrooms and onions, really makes a restaurant quality burger. Except you’d be hard pressed to find elk on any menu near you.

Grilled Onion and Mushroom Elk Burgers (

5. Venison Nachos

Rounding off the list with a true weekend classic. This twist on regular nachos will make even the pickiest eater scarf down wild game. The ingredient list is simple enough that you don’t need to stress over the prep. While the flavors are pronounced enough to cover any “game” flavor that might be left on your deer.

This one works great as an overall crowd pleaser. The venison can really be substituted for anything you like, but deer is the way to go with this one!

Venison Nachos (