Well, here we are, its late may, turkey season has probably ended where you live, and you (hopefully) have a freezer full of wild turkey. Just begging to be cooked into something delicious. Of course, the classics will always be delicious. Things like turkey chili will always have a place in hunters’ hearts. But that is not what today’s read is about. It’s 2021, summer weather has begun, and we are ready to try something new!

Check out these 7 awesome recipes from some great blogs. Don’t forget to follow the link to the original post for more details and exact instructions!

  1. Turkey and Wild Rice Stew

OKAY, now I said we would be showing off some “new” style recipes for wild turkey, and rice and turkey soup doesn’t sound that “New,” But I thought the simplicity of this was enough for it to make my list.

The ingredient list may appear a little long, but most of the ingredients folks will have at home. If anything, I am sure one of your neighbors will have what you don’t! Great for nights in with the family or big bathes for Sunday dinner. This simple soup recipe will be sure to make your guests feel at home.


  1. Wild Turkey Carnitas

For this one were combining wild turkey with some south of the border. You hear it all the time that wild turkey legs are notoriously tough. They’re active birds, so what do you expect?

Well, this recipe takes that into account and really leaves you with an awesome final product! I would personally go with soft flour tortillas with this one and go heavy on the lime and sour cream. But of course, it’s your bird, and it’s up to you!

I like this both for dinner and awesome party food that will leave the event the pickiest eater asking for more.


  1. Fried Turkey Nuggets

Okay, now this isn’t necessarily a NEW take on cooking wild turkey…, but it sure is delicious as well as a major crowd-pleaser for those that are warry of wild game. I must admit, with the full process and sauce in the recipe; you can lose some of the authentic wild turkey flavors many of you are after.

But if the goal is to get your kids or friends hooked, this is the way to go!. The recipe is as simple as any other fried poultry recipe. The sauce is slightly more nuanced than others, with about a dozen or so ingredients. It is definitely worth the extra effort.


  1. Turkey Egg Roll

NOW we’re getting into some of the newer takes on wild game. At first glance, you may be questioning if wild turkey and egg rolls make a good combination. Let me be the first to say it does.

The recipe is only about 7 ingredients, and the trickiest part would be simply putting the filling into the eggrolls, which may be easier said than done. If you can navigate that part, you are home free with a seriously delicious take on wild game.

It has almost become a theme that these recipes are suited for people who have never tried wild turkey or at least never had it done right. Turkey egg rolls rank high for me on ways to make a turkey hater flip the switch.



  1. Turk-fil-a Sandwich

Well, here’s a way to get the sandwich you want any day of the week, including Sundays! This sandwich is an (obviously) take on Chic-fil-a’s famous crispy chicken n sandwich.

The process is as easy s any other fried chicken recipe; you’re just substituting in your wild turkey! The ingredient list is small, and the flavor you get from it are huge! The same process can be repeated for nuggets, making it another great alternative for your picky eaters.



  1. Grilled Wild Turkey Roll

I wanted to end this list off with a BANG.  The only thing that can make a wild turkey recipe better is bacon! Pair that with some jalapenos, and you have yourself a real treat on the grill.

This recipe has a bit more prep time with the marinade. But boy, is it worth it! If you ever think the wild game can be a little dirty, here is your solution! The fat from the bacon and moisture from the marinade really make this a weekend favorite.



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