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5 Things That Make You a Bad Hunting Partner

Over the last several years I’ve started to enjoy hunting alone and have even found myself preferring to hunt alone. Even when the weather is right and the calendar tells me to spend 4 or 5 days on a trip. Hunting on my own gives me complete control of my successes and sole responsibility for my failures. A feeling I don't usually get with a hunting partner. It wasn’t that long ago, that the exact opposite was normal. I much preferred the company of someone to share stories. As well as drink a beer with when we weren’t in a stand. Killing a mature deer was just more fun with someone there to share the moment. I like to think that life has matured [...]

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Why Insurance is the Key to a Hunting Lease.

Do you remember the last time you had a few friends over to watch a game? Maybe it was just a Sunday afternoon with a few buddies or maybe it was Super Bowl Sunday with a houseful of crazed football fans. Either way, it’s likely as the host you couldn’t really relax and enjoy the game. Between making sure everyone is well fed and using the coasters on your wife’s favorite coffee table, you are also worried that something or somebody will be broken. It’s never intentional, but as soon as something goes wrong in the game…someone has to throw a pillow and there goes a lamp! You should always be covered in life and hunting, which is why hunting insurance can be so [...]

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Are You Pulling Your Stands? You Should Be

Its that time of Year, Tree Stand Removal We are quickly coming to that part of the year where it will be nearly impossible fore tree stand removal and storing them for the summer. Once it warms up a bit around the country. The thick woods and hot temps can make dragging your stands down treacherous. Then once the farmers begin to sow seeds and get their crops in the ground, driving your truck right up to them becomes a pipe dream. It will have you wishing this job had been done months ago! No…for most of us turkey season is the last opportunity to pull them down and take them home. What? You don’t pull your stands? (I can actually hear some of [...]

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Want to hunt more? Hunt coyotes.

  We have all seen coyotes while we were deer hunting. Is there anything more frustrating than hearing footsteps from your stand only to turn and see a coyote trotting through your set up? These dogs are definitely not “man’s best friend” when it comes to your hunting lease. Lucky for you, (not so much for the coyote) most states have very liberal coyote hunting seasons and regulations. Of course, it’s always best to check your local laws before it you hunt, but it’s a good bet you can hunt them late into the winter and even into spring. Off-season Hunting Most of us hate to see hunting season fade away. Spring with all its pollen and summer with its blazing heat make all [...]

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