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Tree Stand Safety -Holding Each Other Accountable

American hunters are a diverse group of people coming from all walks of life, but when it comes to safety out in the woods, all hunters have something in common -- -- We all want to get back home safely to our families. Studies say that 1 in 3 hunters will have some sort of tree stand accident in their lifetime. The Tree Stand Safety Awareness Foundation, would like to bring that number down to 0. In order to make tree stand falls a thing of the past, there are a few things we all need to start doing for ourselves and each other: Practice the ABCs of Tree Stand Safety One of the most effective ways of preventing tree stand accidents is by [...]

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Hunting Camp Liability Insurance: Why An Outfitter Needs It

Think You Don’t Need Hunting Liability Insurance? As a hunting outfitter, you have a lot on your plate. You constantly need to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening on your property so you know how to put clients on the wild game animals they are looking for. You also need to maintain your property and your hunting gear so it’s all in good working order. Not to mention the ever-important aspect of retaining existing clients and finding new ones. But in the midst of all that, do you really have time to pursue hunting liability insurance? That depends… Do you want to protect your family’s assets and the company you’ve built through maybe years of grueling work? Do you want to shield [...]

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10 Hunting Accidents that Could Happen on Hunting Land

Hunting Safety Awareness | Common Hunting Accidents You’ve heard it over and over again. First from your parents, then throughout school, and now you likely hear it preached at your workplace. “Stay safe.” It’s obviously great advice and there’s a lot that you (yes, you personally) can actually do to prevent unsafe situations from happening. But the reality is that there is always the unknown. It’s like baby-proofing your whole house, but then your kid just plain falls down in the middle of the floor and hurts him or herself. It’s similar with hunting safety and hunting accidents. Avoiding Hunting Accidents Though you can do a lot to avoid them as both the landowner or the hunter and make the land safer, there [...]

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Liability Insurance for your Guide or Outfitter Business

Liability Insurance Needed America’s guides and outfitters offer a wide array of experiences and activities. From guiding elk hunters on horseback in the Rockies, to picking up waterfowl hunters at a local motel for a day of shooting sea ducks in Maryland or even hosting whitetail hunters in their own home at the peak of the rut, guides and outfitters must be part hunter, part host and part business professional.  Of course, large scale operations usually have a full staff of guides, sales people and business advisors to help make sure the company runs smoothly and makes a nice profit. On the other hand, a much larger percentage of outfitters are making do with a handful of friends and family helping when and [...]

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5 Tree Stand Mistakes You DO NOT Want To Make

  5 Mistakes You DO NOT Want To Make. Ready to Hang Tree Stands? If you are like most hunters across the country, you likely hunted some during the late season. Even more likely noticed a few trails or bedding areas you thought would make a nice place to hang a tree stand. Before you could get back out to move or hang a new tree stand, life moved on and drug you with it. Winter turned into turkey season and before you knew it the dog days of summer arrived. Making being in the woods less than enjoyable. Now opening day of bow season for some states is less than 60 days away. That makes the deadline to get tree stands up [...]

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How Much Do I Charge for A Hunting Lease?

When making the decision to lease your land for hunting there are many different questions that you may come across. The biggest hurdle you may find is probably going to be how much to charge for a hunting lease. While there are many factors at play when determining the amount you could make on leasing your hunting land, the main ones are: - Location - “Huntable” Acreage - Access - Quality of game   While some factors may affect pricing more than others, all 4 of the above features of your property will go into deciding how much you can charge for a hunting lease.   Location Geographical location is important when it comes to a hunting lease. The prices of hunting leases [...]

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Trespasser Problem? 6 Tips for Catching Uninvited Guests

Trespasser Problems If you own property with a large amount of acreage, then you know how difficult it can be to monitor that much land at all times. Even with today’s technology, you can’t be everywhere all at once. Here are just a few tips from the American Hunting Lease Association to help catch trespassers on your property. As well as why trespasser insurance is so important. Check perimeter of your property for damaged/cut fences or open gates One easy way to know if there have been uninvited guests on your property is to conduct routine checks of the perimeter to check for gates left open or fences that have been cut or run over to allow access. While it is possible an [...]

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A 7 Step Guide For Landowners – Make Your Property Safer

After 10 years and thousands of landowner consultations, we have developed this guide to help you make your property as safe as possible and to identify hazards before they become problems. You have already taken the first step to making your property safer and minimizing your own risk by securing liability insurance. The next step is to simply follow the steps listed in this guide and enjoy the peace of mind that being a responsible landowner provides. Let’s get started! Download PDF Brochure Here 1. Document. Document. Document. As you go through your landowner safety guide it is very important that you take good notes and document your actions.  Good information is one of the keys to stopping lawsuits before they get filed. However, if you [...]

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Purchasing Land Insurance for Vacant Land

Vacant Land If you own property that is vacant and undeveloped, you may be left open to unnecessary risks and liability. In order to protect yourself and your investment, you should purchase vacant land insurance. The American Hunting Lease Association has created this guide to vacant land insurance in order to make your shopping experience easy and quick. The Basics You are not required by law to purchase land insurance; but this coverage can be a lifesaver if you are found liable of an injury due to guests or trespassers on your land. If you do not yet own your property fully, your financer may request you purchase vacant land insurance. Or if your property has existing structures (barns, sheds nonresidential structures), The American Hunting [...]

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Do I Need Insurance on Vacant Land?

If you own property you have probably had the thought before – “what happens if someone gets injured on my land?” It doesn’t matter if the guest was invited or a trespasser, if they are injured on your property and they decide to sue, you could, in the very least, be forced to pay exorbitant legal fees. Worse even, if you are found liable by the courts, you could be forced to pay for medical expenses as well! This might all sound silly to you, especially in the case of trespassers as they have no right to your property, but as a landowner, you have the responsibility of keeping a reasonable level of safety and maintenance to your property. That means clearing established [...]

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