Every landowner has the same concern when considering to lease access to their farms or property. Can I be sued if someone gets injured while hunting on my land? Although hunting has been proven to be safe activity, accidents can and do occur. No landowner is willing to risk the very land they are allowing access on without some assurances that they are protected. Additionally, hunters should also be protected from damages they may accidentally cause to the property of their landowner.

The AHLA Hunting Lease Liability policy covers your landowners and every member of your hunting party (club) for one low price and we make sure everyone receives a copy of their certificate of insurance instantly!

We are committed to a single purpose and that is making access to private property responsible, simple and affordable for everyone! By focusing our energy and attention on a single objective, we are simply more committed and better equipped to innovate new benefits and features that others simply can’t or won’t provide.

When you purchase hunting lease insurance through the AHLA, you receive a complete risk management package for your hunting lease! Your package includes your hunt club liability policy, AHLA membership, customizable hunting lease agreement and an online policy management portal. All premiums are 100% earned.

We are not only the most cost efficient company, we also provide the most benefits as well. Compare American Hunting Lease Association with other industry competitors below. We hope the choice is clear for you. Go with the best.

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