Lessons Learned Shed Hunting.

We're hunting out of a shed? When I was told that I would be going shed hunting, the first thing I thought was, “cool, we are going to hunt out of a shed.” Apparently, that is not the kind of shed hunting I would be spending my weekend doing. New to Me While shed hunting is nothing new to anyone who has been around the hunting lifestyle, to someone fresh on the scene, it is quite the experience. My relationship with hunting, in general, was minimal, to be generous, so being allowed the opportunity to shed hunt with a great group of avid outdoorsman is truly a blessing. I was able to really see and experience how much land, conservation, and animals mean to [...]

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Ticks: The Worse Thing About Spending Time Outdoors

There isn’t much we don’t love about being outdoors and enjoying the benefits of an active lifestyle. However, if there is one negative that we all have to deal with it, let’s agree on the dreaded and disgusting tick. Unfortunately, the threat of acquiring Lyme disease can be very real and very dangerous. Small in Size, Big in Trouble Most dangers associated with the woods or water can be seen and then avoided accordingly. Not the tick. You can spray down with your favorite repellent and you can wear tight fitting cover-up style clothing, but none of that is a guarantee. In fact, you won’t even feel the bite of a tick due to a chemical found in their saliva that acts as an [...]

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Hunting Camp Liability Insurance: Why An Outfitter Needs It

Think You Don’t Need Hunting Liability Insurance? As a hunting outfitter, you have a lot on your plate. You constantly need to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening on your property so you know how to put clients on the wild game animals they are looking for. You also need to maintain your property and your hunting gear so it’s all in good working order. Not to mention the ever-important aspect of retaining existing clients and finding new ones. But in the midst of all that, do you really have time to pursue hunting liability insurance? That depends… Do you want to protect your family’s assets and the company you’ve built through maybe years of grueling work? Do you want to shield [...]

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The 2019 Hunter Access Survey Results

This March we sent out a survey to hunters all throughout the industry to find out more info on how they access their hunting lands and how satisfied they are with their experiences. We received over 2000 responses from hunters from all walks of life and we were able to learn so much from hunters who lease and some who have never leased before. We found out that 76% of the hunters surveyed enjoy hunting just for the outdoors. To them, harvesting an animal is considered a bonus! We also found that 46% of public land hunters are mostly satisfied with their experiences but would prefer to be hunting something exclusive. When we asked hunters who hunted private land, exclusively, for free, 45% of them responded [...]

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What’s your Game Plan? 5 Things You Need To Know Before Talking To A Landowner

How many times have you walked up to a landowner’s house to ask for permission only to be turned away? 5? 10? 15 times? At what point in the conversation could you tell the landowner wasn’t interested? Could you have been better prepared to deal with the landowner’s questions? Here are 5 things that you need before stepping foot on the front porch: 5. Know how many hunters you want to bring onto their property Landowners like to know who is on their property. Whether you plan on hunting by yourself, just with your family, or with a club, know before you head over how many people you plan on bringing with you on the hunt. If you add more later or bring [...]

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