Why An Outfitter Needs Hunting Liability Insurance

Think You Don’t Need Hunting Liability Insurance? As a hunting outfitter, you have a lot on your plate. You constantly need to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening on your property so you know how to put clients on the wild game animals they are looking for. You also need to maintain your property and your hunting gear so it’s all in good working order. Not to mention the ever-important aspect of retaining existing clients and finding new ones. But in the midst of all that, do you really have time to pursue hunting liability insurance? That depends… Do you want to protect your family’s assets and the company you’ve built through maybe years of grueling work? Do you want to shield [...]

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10 Hunting Accidents that Could Happen on Hunting Land

Hunting Safety Awareness | Common Hunting Accidents You’ve heard it over and over again. First from your parents, then throughout school, and now you likely hear it preached at your workplace. “Stay safe.” It’s obviously great advice and there’s a lot that you (yes, you personally) can actually do to prevent unsafe situations from happening. But the reality is that there is always the unknown. It’s like baby-proofing your whole house, but then your kid just plain falls down in the middle of the floor and hurts him or herself. It’s similar with hunting safety and hunting accidents. Though you can do a lot to avoid them as both the landowner or the hunter and make the land safer, there is always a [...]

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Choosing Liability Insurance for your Guide or Outfitter Business

America’s guides and outfitters offer a wide array of experiences and activities. From guiding elk hunters on horseback in the Rockies, to picking up waterfowl hunters at a local motel for a day of shooting sea ducks in Maryland or even hosting whitetail hunters in their own home at the peak of the rut, guides and outfitters must be part hunter, part host and part business professional.  Of course, large scale operations usually have a full staff of guides, sales people and business advisors to help make sure the company runs smoothly and makes a nice profit. On the other hand, a much larger percentage of outfitters are making do with a handful of friends and family helping when and where they can. [...]

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5 Mistakes You DO NOT Want To Make

Ready to Hang Stands? 5 Mistakes You DO NOT Want To Make. If you are like most hunters across the country, you likely hunted some during the late season and even more likely noticed a few trails or bedding areas you thought would make a nice place to hang a stand. Before you could get back out to move or hang a new stand, life moved on and drug you with it. Winter turned into turkey season and before you knew it the dog days of summer arrived and made being in the woods less than enjoyable. Now opening day of bow season for some states is less than 60 days away and the deadline to get stands up and leave them along [...]

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2019 Holiday Buyer’s Guide

Here's a list for those hunters on your shopping list this holiday season! Whether you send this list to your family as a guide, or you have some hunters on your own list, these gifts are sure to be a hit with the outdoorsman in your life! Hunter Safety System – Pro Series with ELIMISHIELD – Realtree - $139.95   The reintroduced HSS-ProSeries combines the latest technology in treestand safety with the classic features that made this harness a fan favorite. The new ProSeries is treated with ElimiShield® Hunt™ Scent Control Technology, killing human odor before it forms for the life of the harness. The harness is 40% lighter, thanks to new, lightweight fabrics and ventilating mesh. The built in USB port connects your [...]

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AHLA + FHFH Partnership

The American Hunting Lease Association is proud to be partnering with Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry as they continue their work providing meat for families in need! FHFH is the only venison donation ministry actively setting up chapters across the nation and seeking to collaborate with other existing state and local venison donation programs. FHFH reaches an audience within both the hunting and non-hunting communities and provides the #1 most difficult item for food banks and feeding ministries to obtain – protein-based red-meat. Since 1997 FHFH has provided more than 20.2 million servings of meat for people in our country struggling with hunger. Thank you for all that you do, FHFH!

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5 Things That Make You a Bad Hunting Partner

Over the last several years I have begun to enjoy hunting alone and have even found myself preferring to hunt alone. Even when the weather is right and the calendar tells me to spend 4 or 5 days on a trip, hunting on my own gives me complete control of my successes and sole responsibility for my failures. It wasn’t that long ago, that the exact opposite was the norm. I much preferred the company of someone to share sightings with and drink a beer with when we weren’t in a stand.  Killing a mature deer was just more fun with someone there to share the moment with.  I like to think that life has matured me and that I just take more [...]

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August Policies Are SO Last Month…

Hunting season is almost here! If you've been waiting until the start of the season to purchase your hunting liability insurance you now have the option to get a full year's worth of coverage! The American Hunting Lease Association is now offering a policy for every month of the year. No need to buy an August policy in October! You'll only get 10 months of coverage from the other guys. We can offer a full year's worth of coverage no matter when your lease starts. We now have a policy start date for the first of every month. So give us a call whenever you need your insurance and we can get you a full year of coverage! [...]

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Tree Stand Safety Awareness Month – 2019

September is Tree Stand Safety Awareness Month! All of your loved ones want you to make it back to them safely so before you head back out into the woods this season, remember your ABCs of tree stand safety! The Tree Stand Safety Awareness Foundation's ABCs of tree stand safety were created to help hunters stay safe in their tree stands: Always remove and inspect your equipment Buckle on your full-body harness Connect to the tree before your feet leave the ground By performing these 3 simple steps, tree stand users can virtually eliminate their risk of falling to the ground as the majority of falls occur outside the stand. TSSA encourages all hunters to take tree stand safety seriously, every time you hunt from, hang, or [...]

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The American Hunting Lease Association – 2018 Holiday Buyer’s Guide

Here's a list for those hunter's on your shopping list this holiday season! Whether you send this list to your family as a guide, or you have some hunter's on your own list, these gifts are sure to be a hit with the outdoorsman in your life!   Hunter Safety System Hybrid Flex - $119.95 Stay safe in your tree stand with the Hybrid Flex Harness. Comfortable and lightweight which gives plenty of flexability while keeping you safe from tree stand falls! Don't leave the ground without being hooked in with one of these!   Yeti Tundra 65 - $349.99 Whatever you need to chill, this top-quality cooler beats out all other premium coolers by keeping your contents colder for longer, with up to [...]

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