9 Fathers Day Gifts for the Hunter in Your Life

The ads have started. You’ve seen them all over your Facebook and the outdoor channel; It can only mean one thing, fathers day is almost here. But what do you get for the father in your life that wants everything? IN a world with a million things to choose from, sometimes you need help deciding. This is why I put together this list of the top things to get for your hunter/outdoorsman/fisher dad. #1 Steaks! And no, I don’t mean going down to the closest Walmart and grabbing two ribeyes. It's his day! Get him something to remember by getting him some top-notch restaurant-quality cuts of steak. Heck, get enough for the family was everyone can enjoy it! I recommend a reputable mail to [...]

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Catch-A-Dream| Elk Hunt Giveaway

WIN A FREE NEW MEXICO ELK HUNT ENTER FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A DREAM HUNT The Catch-A-Dream Foundation has put together an amazing New Mexico elk hunt for 2 hunters and we are making this available in a raffle that will be drawn live on our Facebook page on July 2. WIN this premiere New Mexico ELK HUNT FOR TWO while also helping dreams come true for children with life-threatening and terminal medical conditions. If you’ve ever dreamed of elk hunting northern New Mexico, here’s your chance, and your best hunting buddy can go as well! 100% of sales go directly to Catch-A-Dream Foundation. "For $100 you and a friend can be chasing New Mexico elk and at the same time raise funds [...]

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6 Facts About Summer Antler Growth

Antlers. A word that makes any hunter's ears perk up. For some, antlers are what really drive hunting and inspires hunters to continue the never-ending search for a bigger buck. Since it is June and the off-season for Deer. I thought some information around deer antler growth would best be received at this time. Since we are in a perfect time to SEE the growth, here are 5 interesting facts you might not have known about deer antler growth. As well as antlers on deer in general. Remember knowledge is power and it can always be helpful to know more about the animal we all love to hunt. #1 Antler Make-up Antlers are made of bone, mostly calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and other minerals. Although [...]

5 Reasons to Get Started in Hunting

Why Get started in Hunting For those of us who didn’t grow up in a multi-generational hunting family, how to even approach the idea of starting hunting can be confusing. But the reason WHY you should start hunting should not be. From helping improve wildlife management to your own personal health and nutrition. Hunting is not just a thing of the past but a gateway to a brighter and more sustainable future. Isn’t Hunting just Killing Animals? To many people uneducated in what hunting really is. It can be easy to just write off hunting as just mindless killing of animals. When in reality to the individuals who actually hunt. It is so much more than that. It also improves your quality of life! [...]

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Avoiding Liability Claims – Vacant Land

Avoiding Liability claims on vacant land might seem like a no-brainer to some. I mean, it is an empty piece of land with nothing on it, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Multiple situations can arise and accidents can occur on your vacant land that could lead to an expensive liability claim. A claim like this could possibly cost you tens of thousands of dollars in damages and/or medical bills.  But fear not. You can take steps as a landowner to mitigate your chances of having a lawsuit filed against you. If you are curious about the price of Vacant Land Insurance, check out this blog. Steps to Prevent Liability Claims Prevent Vandalism/Trespassing One of the easiest and most effective things you can [...]

Wild Week in Hunting – 5/14

80-Year-Old Retired Nurse Shoots Buck from Kitchen Window, and More Deer Hunting News https://www.realtree.com/brow-tines-and-backstrap/80-year-old-retired-nurse-shoots-buck-from-kitchen-window-and-more-deer   Hunting as a TEAM! - Kentucky PUBLIC LAND Hardwoods!   I have relly been enjoying this channels videos, funny banter and good frineds. Everything you need for a great hunting video!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11l3_YVIfUQ     Best of Bear Hunting Compilation! Highlights of popular hunter Keith Warren taking down some big bears! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4gZyQ0oFDo     Grocery Store Baits That Kill Something for all you anglers out there! Grocery store bait hacks! https://www.themeateater.com/fish/freshwater/grocery-store-baits-that-kill   Venison Pizza Pocket The name says it all…. https://www.themeateater.com/cook/recipes/venison-pizza-pockets-recipe

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How Much Does Vacant Land Insurance Cost?

  Whether you have recently purchased your dream property. Are a longtime landowner that enjoys sharing access with your friends and family. Or you have likely learned that owning land comes with a handful of additional costs. Some of these expenses can be significant. Like property taxes, land management, and/or general upkeep. The good news is that not all expenses will keep you from enjoying your property. Arguably the most important of all just might be the most affordable. So is the cost of vacant land insurance worth it? Can I afford Vacant Land Insurance? Vacant land insurance is very affordable, starting at just $225 for up to 750 acres. With properties over 750 acres are covered for a mere .30 an acre. Coverage [...]

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Wild Week In Hunting – 5/7

#1. Liechtenstein prince suspected of trophy hunting giant brown bear in Romania I am not totally sure that I knew Liechtenstein was a country… but apparently, Europe has a problem with famous people poaching too! https://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/ny-liechtenstein-prince-kills-romania-bear-20210505-lt5prdb26vcnzbflsnq2xna5li-story.html   #2. The 21 Best Hunting Dog Breeds Ever “Our tribute, in no particular order, to the most loyal and loving and hardest-working hunting partners.” https://www.fieldandstream.com/hunting/best-hunting-dog-breeds   #3. Zimbabwe is selling the right to shoot as many as 500 elephants The African nation is looking to make a financial comeback after losing almost all money from hunting during COVID. https://qz.com/africa/2005322/zimbabwe-looks-to-elephant-hunting-for-revenue-lost-during-covid/   #4. INTENSE bowhunt! - GOBBLER at 5 STEPS! | Public Land Bowhunting for Turkeys! Brand new video from The Hunting Public. This one shows off an awesome [...]

Wild Week in Hunting – 4/30

#1 Best New Deer Hunting Technology It's 2021 and hunting appears to be going digital! Don’t get left behind, see what new technologies are changing the game https://www.petersenshunting.com/editorial/best-new-deer-hunting-technology/376248   #2 Two Men Charged for Poaching Wolves From Helicopter Poaching wolves from a helicopter? That sounds like something out of a movie     https://www.themeateater.com/conservation/wildlife-management/two-men-charged-for-shooting-wolves-from-helicopter   #3 Wolf Hunt Switched to Bear Hunt An awesome black bear solo hunt from a great channel. Ch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbzAl2I9x1M     #4 Education for the fastest-growing segment of hunters “For our family, hunting gives us shared experiences, traditions, and memories. I don't want it to die with my generation.” https://www.agweek.com/opinion/columns/7004580-Education-for-the-fastest-growing-segment-of-hunters   #5 GATOR HUNTING Like A REAL Florida Man Youtuber/hunter Brand Herrera takes you on his gator hunt [...]

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Wild Week IN Hunting 4/23/202

  #1. In honor of all the opening days for turkeys, check out this awesome turkey hunting video! Made by the popular youtube channel, “The Hunting Public” these guys do an awesome job and have fun doing it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iS7L9Vlxsc     #2. Voters Narrowly Reject Hunting White Deer As Part Of Annual Spring Hearings Effort To Legalize Harvest Of White Deer Fails By Roughly 200 Votes I'm not quite sure how I feel about this one…   #3 Turkey-hunting ends in tragedy for father and son Not to put anyone in a bad mood this Friday…but always important to spread awareness and make sure hunters are keeping safe.   #4. To mix it up this week I thought I would share a podcast [...]

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