If you have found yourself asking this question, you may be new to owning your own land. First
things first, Congratulations! Owning your own piece of vacant land in America is a big accomplishment and
something that should make you proud.
Since it is such an accomplishment to own your own land, protecting that yourself and your land
should be one of the first steps you take.
Additionally, there is no telling what type of accidents or situations might arise on your vacant
land; from trespassers to natural disasters and everything in between.
But don’t worry, you are not alone!
You can keep yourself and your land protected with a simple vacant land policy. But where do you get vacant land coverage? And how much does it cost? We will go over all that in the rest of this post.

What is Vacant Land Insurance Coverage?

Vacant land insurance coverage is a general liability policy that protects pieces of vacant land or unimproved tracts.
Also, a structure is not just a home or shed on your property. If the
landowner adds any structure to the land, the policy may be useless. What is considered a
structure varies from insurance agency to agency and even some organizations. Examples might
  • High Fences
  • Boat docks or houses
  • Energy or water structures
Although some insurance companies exclude coverage from these structures, the American
Hunting Lease Association does not. Liability from the use of seldom used or abandoned
structures like old barns, hunting cabins, and sheds are included in the AHLA coverage.
It also helps protect a landowner if someone attempts to sue you for
damage done to their property or if they get hurt on your land.

Does my Home Owners Insurance Cover Vacant Land?

The short answer is, maybe! Depending on your homeowner’s insurance, they may be able to
offer you an extension to vacant land insurance. Typically if your property is where you live,
your homeowner’s coverage will cover the entire tract. Even land that might be adjacent to or
relatively close to your own can be included in your homeowner’s policy. Ask your agent if this
is possible.
The one problem seen with getting vacant land insurance through your traditional homeowner’s insurance provider is a lack of expertise. Most agents just don’t have the experience to advise on matters involving outdoor recreation type coverages.
That’s why many people prefer to work with companies that specialize in insuring vacant land.
Companies like The American Hunting Lease Association are trusted among the outdoor industry by landowners and hunters alike. Giving them expert service and always catering to
their needs.

Where do I get Vacant Land Insurance?

The two options for getting vacant land insurance are through your homeowner’s insurance, if
applicable. OR through a company that provides the coverage to you themselves.

How Much does it Cost?

When you compare the cost of a vacant land policy to most other insurance, it is not expensive at
all. A policy with limits of one million dollars per occurrence and two million dollars aggregate
will vary in the range of $225 annually, based solely on the amount of acreage. The affordability
of such coverage makes it nearly impossible not to consider. “Vacant land insurance protects your land – that’s not leased and has no development or construction activities – from lawsuits with rates as low as $225 annually.
The Insurance Information Institute notes the average claim for bodily injury and property damage from 2014 to 2018 was over $26,870. That alone makes this type of coverage essential for all property owners.”
Looking for more information on the cost of vacant land? Click here!


Overall, homeowner’s insurance MIGHT be able to cover your vacant land. As long as it
qualifies as vacant land. If they do not offer the extensions or believe you could find high-quality
coverage somewhere else. Then working with an outside company is your best bet!
Accidents on vacant land may seem unlikely, but they can very quickly turn into something
serious at the drop of a hat. Accidents on vacant land don’t wait for you. Make sure you are
covered today!