Preserve the Dream

At the American Hunting Lease Association, we have understood how amazing the opportunity to own your land has always been. Which is why we work hard to insure that our landowners are backed by the strongest policies. The AHLA Vacant land insurance policy was made for landowners, by the people who understand them best. Preserve your piece of the American dream today by signing up with the industry leaders in hunting insurance.

Vacant Land Insurance

Is vacant land insurance right for you? This program offers General Liability to owners of vacant land. The policy provides coverage for claims arising against the landowner alleging bodily injury or property damage due to the landowner’s negligence. These claims may be brought against the landowner by an invited or uninvited guest. Our Land liability insurance offers peace of mind and is a great solution for protecting your assets as a landowner.

Video Transcription

“The American Dream has always been to own land, build traditions on that land and to create memories

Preserve your dream from the unknown possibilities that come with being a landowner

The AHLA Vacant land insurance policy will protect you from the liability that anyone brings by stepping foot on your property, invited or uninvited

Get an Instant quote today and be covered tomorrow, don’t leave it up to chance, eliminate the unknown.

Preserve the American Dream with the American Hunting Lease Association ”