How to Sell Properties for Hunting Leases

When you are trying to sell land for hunting properties or hunting leases, there are many things you need to think about. Everyone is looking for something a little different, depending on what their interests and goals are. One person might be looking for a remote piece of land to deer hunt on, while another might be interested in a full working ranch to serve as an outfitting facility. But others might actually be looking into buying land to lease for hunting as an investment. In that case, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re trying to sell a property with the potential of hunting leases. There are also some opportunities for you as a realtor to benefit from setting up a hunting lease affiliate program with the American Hunting Lease Association!

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Sell the Income Opportunities

If someone is interested in leasing a hunting property out, they’re likely already aware of the potential income they could make off of it. But some people don’t realize how lucrative it is or know how easy leasing hunting land can be. It’s your job to make them aware and guide them to that point. In your land posting, make sure you highlight the comparable hunting lease costs per acre in the surrounding area to help buyers see the potential returns they could make. This could help them pay for the property itself or the property taxes – either way, it’s an option to help make financing a new property a little more appealing for most people.

Make the Emotional Connection

As a realtor, you know that emotionally connecting prospective buyers with a property will make it more attractive and ultimately help it sell. Help potential buyers see the opportunity to include the next generation on the property, which will make them feel better about their decision to buy a hunting lease. Most people are more willing to let families onto their property than a group of adults. As you market the land, including pictures of families and children enjoying the property can help prospective buyers make the connection.

The Realtor’s Favorite Word: Location!

You’ve heard it and preached it before, but the location can make or break a property. Even the best place will struggle to sell if it’s in the wrong location. But again, buyers have different goals. Tour the property thoroughly to learn its pros and cons, which will help you market it in the right location. For example, if it’s located within 30 minutes of a major metropolitan area, you could market it as a great hunting lease opportunity for eager urban dwellers that could fetch high lease prices simply due to demand. And if it’s in a remote area smack dab in the heart of big buck country, marketing it as a prime deer hunting lease opportunity is an obvious choice.

Diversify the Opportunities

Obviously, every property is not meant to be just for deer hunting, although that’s one of the more common hunting leases you hear about. By showing the diversity of hunting opportunities on the land, you can also increase the appeal for a broader audience. Whether it’s simply about more recreation (due to several ATV trails on the property) or different types of hunting, including a few options will ultimately help in selling it.

Make It Safer

When someone is considering buying hunting land for lease, they need to feel safe about their choice. Hunting leases tend to make people nervous because of one thing: liability. Remove the liability hesitation from potential buyers before it even makes them question it. The American Hunting Lease Association has hunting lease liability insurance that you can highlight or even become an affiliate for. You should also mention the importance of a hunting lease agreement.

If you’re hoping to sell properties with the potential of hunting leases, these are a few things you should keep in mind. Once a buyer sees the benefits of selling hunting leases on a new property, the decision to buy becomes more manageable!

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