What is Vacant Land Coverage

If you own vacant land, then you are susceptible to the incidents that occur on your land. Vacant Land liability coverage is needed to keep your land safe and yourself safe from third-party claims. With potentially thousands of dollars in medical bills and defense costs from an accident on your land, getting the right coverage can make all the difference.

While it might seem odd to be concerned about liability on an empty lot, overall it is the right choice. A vacant land policy is essentially liability insurance similar to the way your homeowner’s policy protects you against accidents on your property. Vacant land policies will protect you if something happens on your vacant lot that leads to an injury or damage to someone’s property.

Vacant Land Insurance Coverage Examples

Accidents on vacant land can often be unpredictable. With the lack of people or structures, accidents may be rare but are still extremely prevalent. While the problems that can happen appear unlikely, it just takes one to cost you big. This is why having high-quality coverage on your vacant land can be so crucial.

Here are some examples of common risks and situations that vacant land insurance would help protect you from:

  • Fishing: In this situation, let’s assume that you have a small pond on your property. You have no problem with your neighbors fishing your pond. One day, your neighbor is making his way to the pond, and he twists his ankle on a piece of the broken path. While this situation seems like it is no fault of your own, you could hypothetically be held liable since it is technically on your land. If there was ever a payment made to use the pond, you are even more likely to be sued. Vacant land insurance offers the protection to help you pay to absorb medical bills or possible lawsuits.
  • All-Terrain Vehicles: If you own or plan on operating an ATV on your land, that adds risk. Be sure that the coverage you choose has that specific option. It is also very likely trespassers may ride on your land without your permission.
  • Hunting: If the land is going to be used for hunting or in a popular hunting area, there are several inherent risks. Hunters may be carrying firearms and other items that could be dangerous in the wrong situation. If they slip and break their leg in an abandoned well, you will benefit from some level of protection against lawsuits.
  • Foot Traffic: If the land you own is in the vicinity of a town or other homes, the people around you may use it as a public route. Even without your permission, if an injury occurs while someone is walking your land, you could be held liable.
  • Natural Disasters: If your property is not maintained and filled with weeds and grasses, there is a likely chance that a wildfire may occur from a lightning strike due to weather that affects other properties due to the fire, you may be held responsible.


To make sure you and your land are protected from unwanted problems, insuring your vacant lot is a must. If you are still curious about vacant land insurance or are ready to get your land covered, protect it with the best; the American Hunting Lease Association gives fast and affordable coverage.