#1. He found what in the river?

Well, this one is ….crazy to see. While out on a fishing trip, this angler came across something you don’t often see floating in a river. And no it’s not just a garbage pile floating.


#2. Fish Eggs and Duck Butss: An Old myth Redifined

I always thought this was a joke…

#3. Who would’ve guessed it?

If you’ve ever had to wonder if Bambi was a vegetarian… I guess this answers that question

#4. CMI: Criminal Mushroom Investigation

Who does not love stumbling across something you wouldn’t expect to see in the woods? Well defientyl  not this guy…you


#5 . Montana Elk Hunt!

An elk bow hunt!? Sign me up NOW!

#6. AMMO?

Well, we’ve been dealing with this for months now and things aren’t really looking up yet. hopefully these tips can help you find what we’ve all been looking for. AMMO

#7. Christmas isn’t that far, is it?

To wrap things up for this Wild Week of Hunting, something everyone loves. New Gear! Check out the newest and best hunting jackets 2021 has had to offer.