#1. In honor of all the opening days for turkeys, check out this awesome turkey hunting video! Made by the popular youtube channel, “The Hunting Public” these guys do an awesome job and have fun doing it!



#2. Voters Narrowly Reject Hunting White Deer As Part Of Annual Spring Hearings

Effort To Legalize Harvest Of White Deer Fails By Roughly 200 Votes

  • I’m not quite sure how I feel about this one…


#3 Turkey-hunting ends in tragedy for father and son

Not to put anyone in a bad mood this Friday…but always important to spread awareness and make sure hunters are keeping safe.


#4. To mix it up this week I thought I would share a podcast wityh you guys! For all you anglers out there, this is a great listen.



#5. If you’ve got a new pup or are in the market….make sure they start off on the right foot! Hey even if you have an old dog maybe you could teach it some new tricks!




#6. A really awesome solo hunt, filmed like a pro this kid should be on the outdoor channel!


#7 First Bear Attack Of 2021