This series focuses on showcasing some of the most exciting and interesting stories across the internet. Centered around hunting/fishing/outdoors, this is the place for your weekly dose of hunting content.

#1 Get a Covid Vaccine, Win A Free Gun

Leave it to West Virginia to take incentivizing a covid shot and make it hillbilly.  Their lottery will include drawings for “state park “weekend getaways,” lifetime hunting and fishing licenses, custom hunting rifles, custom hunting shotguns, and brand-new, custom-outfitted pickups.”

It seems like West Virginia is really pushing this agenda if you lived there. Would you do it for the chance to win some gear?

#2 Wild Boar Hunting Russian Style

Well, this is the wild WORLD of hunting! So it seems fitting to include a boar hunt video from the comrades.

This video isn’t very long, but it is packed with big shots and a pretty high production quality! Check this one out!


#3 Bow Hunting Back Country Elk with Guy Eastman

If you are missing hunting in June, this guy’s channel is the perfect fix! Guy takes us with him on his backcountry elk hunt. Showing his setups and the beautiful scenery along the way.


#4 Georgia Man Fined More Than $41,000 for Hunting Illegally in Colorado

We got another one! This poacher was charged with 43 misdemeanors of wildlife violations. Add those in with multiple other crimes, and this guy is a serial poacher. Happy to have him out of the woods with a big hole in his pocket.

#5 All Is Not As It Appears in the “Professional” Hunter and Influencer World

While consuming hunting content is a big hobby, I sometimes need to keep my expectations in check. Remind me that what I see on tv or online is the edited-down highlights of a trip. I would often find myself questioning my legitimacy as a hunter when comparing myself to these awesome hunts I see.

People are taking down massive bucks in the middle of the day. They are back at their cabin for a cookout and bonfire. While some of my hunts have ended like that, most don’t. And that is okay. This blog breaks down comparing yourself and your hunts to celebrities.

#6 Hunters, biologist reflect on spring gobbler season

A really cool read giving a different kind of perspective on turkey hunting. Hearing both a hunter and biologist opinions on how their season went is definitely worth the read

#7 Kudu Hunting Paradise – Part Two (2021)

If you are looking for a video series that makes you really feel like you are a part of the hunt…check out this one. This is the second part of his Kudu hunt, and I enjoyed it just as much as I did the first.