Wild Week in Hunting

This week’s edition is a good one… The summer months are here, which means one thing. WATer. From boating to fishing to bow fishing, we have got you covered this week.

`#1 BOWFISHING My Farm for GIANT CARP for the FIRST TIME!!! (Catch Clean Cook)

Kicking this week off with one of my favorite outdoor influencers, Flair! A young outdoorsman who combines his love of hunting and fishing in today’s video. He ends it with a catch and cook of the carp he caught, yes that’s right, carp.


#2 Funniest Boat Fishing Fails

Nothing is better before the weekend than a good laugh. If you plan on going fishing in the next couple of days, make sure this doesn’t happen to you!


#3 Catching BIG Fussy Walleye In Clear Water

Carp may not be your favorite thing to eat…so here’s so Walleye fishing! The title says it all, and checking out how clear the water is on this dream spot is worth the watch!


#4 We Caught a SEA MONSTER!!

Put the freshwater behind you and get ready for a saltwater giant. BlackTip is one of the biggest fishing channels on youtube and a must-watch for anyone who likes to be entertained by high-level fishing and production


#5 How to Clean and Cook a 300lb Grouper

I was not trying to include 2 separate BlackTip videos… but gosh dang it, I had to put this one in the fishing edition!! A pretty surreal video, especially if you’ve never heard of the goliath groupers.