4 Wild Game Recipes | Summer Favorites

It’s mid-July at the time of writing this, and I have one thing on my mind for the summer… Grilling all the delicious wild game I have left in my freezer. To make room for even more for next season, of course!

Here are a few of my favorite wild game recipes from all corners of the internet. Also, it is specifically made to make you the stand-out chef at any function you attend this summer. There are even a couple that the kids will like!

  1. Texas-Style Barbecue Venison Roast Recipe

Chefs Note “Barbecue culture runs deep in the Lone Star State. My ties to this cuisine led me to replicate Texans’ beloved smoked beef brisket with a venison roast. With a little care and a whole lot of time, you can produce some of the best-barbecued meat you’ve ever had.”

A true Texas BBQ recipe with a wild game twist. Additionally, As far as being palatable to even the uninitiated, I think this venison recipe stands out from the crowd.

Combining traditional flavors and methods into wild game is something of an art. Adding venison into a recipe like this just makes it that much better!

The recipe does take some extended prep and smoking time, but it serves 8 and boy, is it worth it!


  1. Smoked and Braised Duck Legs

For all your duck hunters out there, this is the recipe for you!

Duck is a great vehicle for the smokey flavor that we are all after. Furthermore, the ingredients and proper time are kept pretty minimal, and the final product that is achieved is worth every second!


  1. Smoked Venison Meatloaf

The name says it all with this one… A classic favorite with a game twist is my favorite way to prepare game meat.

ANiotehr great choice if you have a picky eater in your family or if you are looking into getting one of your non hunting friends into wild meat. This is sure to blow someone’s Walmart ground beef meatloaf out of the water!


  1. Elk Burger Recipe

While the other recipes that are featured on this list are slightly more technical than your basic game recipe. This Elk Burger recipe really brings home how easy it can be to cook delicious wild game recipes.

Perfect for showing off at the summer BBQ with a unique grill item that would be sure to please anyone who is willing to try it!


  1. Venison Gymbo

A serious combination of two amazing flavor profiles. Adding wild venison meat to a Louisiana favorite in gumbo is a match made in heaven that is more than worth the time it takes.

Also, this dish makes a great family dinner after along day outside on the water or in the woods, where summer fun is meant to be had!