In the age of computers, social media, and touch screens, everything it is no surprise hunting has gone digital as well. While most o hunting is still patience and knowledge, there are a few new things to the game that help even the playing field with this new hunting tech.

  1. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

That’s right… A tech-savvy twist on a long-standing hunters favorites. Forget the days of your fingers being too cold to properly pull the trigger.

Normal hand warmers can die quick, take up room in your bag, and always have to be replaced. Fixing all of  those problems is a rechargeable electric hand warmer.

At a solid price, I think this can make its way into every hunter’s pockets this fall and winter.


  1. Touchscreen Hunting Gloves

As mentioned before, touch screen everything is one of the newest waves ion technology. To combat that in hunting, touchscreen hunting gloves have been on the rise in popularity.

Forget the days of having to taker your gloves off and shove them in your pockets every time you want to check your phone, GPS, or anything else touch screen.

The ones linked are on the more affordable side, so feel free to upgrade to a nicer pair if it fits your budget!


  1. Solar Power Bank

With all the new tech in your bag, you’re going to need a place to charge everything! In a perfect world, that would be back at the cabin or deer camp.

But as we all know, life is never perfect, and sometimes things don’t play out the way you want them to. This is why a portable solar power bank is the solution to your charging needs.

It folds out into 4 individual solar panels that have a max capacity of 6,500 mAh. (Whatever that means, but I know it’s high). It also has wireless charging!


  1. Night Vision Goggles

While the other things on this list help to make your life more convenient while you are hunting, this piece of hunting tech really upgrades your overall game.

It’s a no-brainer that adding night vision to your arsenal should help your hunts. Especially the ones, wait for it, at night!

  1. Monocular with Smartphone holder

Now, THIS piece is just plain cool. Take the traditional monocular and amp it up, giving you the ability to capture and take home pictures of what you see.

I can see this being a serious tool for hunting and especially scouting. It comes in under 100 bucks, which I find more than fair for something of this level. And hey! You can even use it with your touchscreen gloves and other pieces of hunting tech!


  1. Automatic Food Sealer

While it might not necessarily be designed for hunting or packing wild game, I think this gadget makes the whole process so much easier!

Quickly and efficiently store any type of meat, label it, and leave it in the freezer for t later! A great addition to any hunter’s pantry.