To some, hearing hunting means only a few things: guns and camo. But, to real hunters, we understand that sometimes our bag has too many tools in it to count.

2021 is a confusing time for hunters when it comes to gear. There is a never-ending amount of new gear to try that is coming out as well as the new gear being smart enough that it replaces other gear.

You don’t need to carry bug spray and DEET in your bag when you have an ozone scent destroyer. Instead, here are some of my favorite things that are both surprisingly useful and just all-around cool to have.

  1. Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit

Every hunter knows one thing is true when you make your trek into the woods…that you stink. Even if you lathered yup with a bar of soap before…

This kit includes anything you might need and a few extras that you will want! All for under 15 bucks!


  1. The Trapper’s Bible

In a world where everything is online or on our phones, going back to the basics is both refreshing and a joy to do.

A seriously well-written book with dozens of pages of well-illustrated pictures. It makes for the perfect beginner’s guide, or even just a book to keep on your desk! A great read that will leave you with the itch to get out and trap.

  1. Extremus ChillKap

If you are going to make a list of hunting gear that stays under that coveted 20 dollar biol mark…you have to include some clothing gear.

For just 10 dollars, you can remove your face from the elements and stay well hidden. Of course, there are other, more high-quality, Balaclavas, but for under 20 dollars, this is a great choice for throwing in your bag as backup or just as your main facial protection!

  1. Marchway Floating Waterproof Drybag

I’ll be honest until I began doing my research for this article; I was completely unaware that you could get a waterproof bag for under 20 dollars.

But boy, does this one not disappoint! With its 17,000 ratings and a 5 start to boast, this bag is a serious contender for making my hunting gear list.


  1. Gerber Gear 22, Pocket Knife

Hunters and outdoorsman alike love their blades. I am sure many of you are walking some serious knives in your EDC or have them with your top-of-the-line hunting gear.

But if you are hunting on a budget, or just know that you can never have enough knives, here’s one for you. Small in size but high in quality, this little knife makes the perfect backpack or car accessory.  Loaded with a removable utility blade for under 20 dollars, you do not get much better.


  1. Mini Bag Sealer

Here’s something on the list that I can see people who aren’t even hunters get excited for. However, its applications to an outdoorsman/hunter can not be undervalued.

Consider this; you are breaking down and dressing the massive elk you just got on your trip to Colorado. You’re ready to partition it up to all your friends, but you only have one size bag. Well, consider that issue solved with a bag sealer.

For under 20 bucks, it will be hard to find this one.


  1. Trail Camera Viewer, SD Card Reader

It couldn’t be a list of hunting “gadgets” without some tech in here, right?

Well, this little thing has been a complete game-changer for me and the amount of time I spend checking my trail cameras. Usually, you would think something like this helps you cut back on time, but I just find myself looking at my trail cam footage far more than I usually do!.

For 12 dollars, you might just grab 2 of them! Its ability to hook right up to your phone is beyond helpful and more than worth the price.