The ads have started. You’ve seen them all over your Facebook and the outdoor channel; It can only mean one thing, fathers day is almost here.

But what do you get for the father in your life that wants everything? IN a world with a million things to choose from, sometimes you need help deciding.

This is why I put together this list of the top things to get for your hunter/outdoorsman/fisher dad.

#1 Steaks!

And no, I don’t mean going down to the closest Walmart and grabbing two ribeyes. It’s his day! Get him something to remember by getting him some top-notch restaurant-quality cuts of steak.

Heck, get enough for the family was everyone can enjoy it! I recommend a reputable mail to order company like Where you can trust the quality of every steak, you order. The website has numerous cuts and sizes, so you can be sure to find exactly what you want.

#2 Scent Crusher

This awesome little gadget helps solve one of the hunter’s biggest challenges. Smelling. All you have to do is plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter, and you’re off! Most, if not all, odors should be gone from the car within a day! Helping him make sure both the animals and his family don’t catch a whiff.

#3  Crap taxidermy (Book)

For the hunter in your life with a good sense of humor,t his book is perfect. Everyone loves a perfectly crafted mount, but what about the not-so-perfect ones? Well, it turns out they are hilarious! A great addition to any office or coffee table and sure to get some laughs.


#4 Buckshot Coasters

Please try and a better combination for fathers day than drinking and hunting? These cool coasters fit the bill exactly for what a fathers day gift should be. AAt an affordable price, this is a serious contender for one of my favorite gifts on this list!


#5 Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call

If your dad hunts and has seen any amount of TV in the last 10 years….then you know this show. It is iconic in the duck hunting world and outdoor community altogether.

Their signature pro series call matches its high-quality build with some really nice designs.  More importantly, it is a hunting gift they will be able to throw in their bag and use right away.

#6 500 watt Grinder

Reaping the rewards of your hunt is one of the best things about hunting. Treat his meat the right way with one of the most powerful, home-sized meat grinders on the market.

From a half-ton elk to the squirrel he popped on the farm, this thing handles everything.

#7 Tundra 75 Hard Cooler

Every hunter needs a good quality ice chest, and they don’t get any better than Yeti Coolers. These coolers are heavily insulated and ruggedly built, so they can take a bunch of abuse and still keep your food cool for upwards of a week.

If you Are not ready to shell out the 450 dollar price tag of the tundra 75, don’t worry. They have multiple models in different sizes and prices for everyone. Any Yeti would be wildly appreciated and greatly received hunting gift.

#8 OnX Maps

This GPS app is a serious game-changer for the more technologically savvy hunter. Giving him some of the best possible satellite imagery of the land he is hunting is a leg up on the competition. Something any man can appreciate.

It works as a monthly subscription-based off app. Its customer service and overall quality are second to known and make for a  great accessory to any hunter’s arsenal.

#9 Africa Hunting Trip

To end the list, I thought I would put the ULTIMATE hunting gift for fathers day—a dream hunting trip to Africa to take down some of the most exotic games in the world. If you are prepared to have the happiest father you can have, this would be an arrow straight to the heart.

If countries like Africa are either out of your price range or comfort level, there are other options. Any big game hunting trip in the united states is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Things like elk and Oryx make for the exotic experience that they may be looking for.