The first thing that comes to mind when you think of bow hunting might be hanging stands every fall. Or taking your buddies out for the first time every season, hopeful for another great season. Something you might not think of when it comes to bow hunting is accidents and what happens when the unforeseen happens. That’s where high quality hunting insurance from AHLA for your bow hunting becomes as crucial to your hunt as the bow itself.

Bow Hunting Accidents

While bow hunting is an extremely fun and rewarding activity for hunters. It does not mean it is without its inherent risks. Even if you are the most experienced bow hunter there is, if you plan on taking people out with you on your land, or leasing it to hunters, then you need coverage for accidents. Which are far more likely to happen when someone is not under the watchful eye of the landowner themselves. So make sure you stay covered with insurance from these common bow hunting accidents.

  • Tree stand complications: One of the more obvious risks that comes with bow hunting from a tree stand would be the safety surrounding the tree stand itself. From weak trees, to an improper installation process. Tree stands can be extremely dangerous to use, making hunting lease insurance from AHLA a must have in this type of situation.
  • New hunters: Bringing new hunters onto your land to show them the outdoor lifestyle is on of the best parts of owning land. However, the chance of an accident happening goes up tremendously when you begin introducing people to hunting. Those chances are even higher when you add in variables like bows and tree stands. Make sure any new hunters are covered by our policies that cover up to 7 landowners at no additional cost.
  • Physical Challenge: Bow hunting is a very understated physical activity. It’s important to know your limitations. If people on your property are spot-and-stalk hunting where you’ll need to cover a lot of land, chances are you’ll come across some dangerous ground. If they’re not in shape to cover it, you’re putting yourself at risk for accidents.

Staying Protected

Whether you are leasing your land to paying bow hunters or bringing out friends and family. You will want your land covered with our bow Hunting Lease Insurance. With the best rpcing in the industry and high level expertise of all things hunting and outdoors. There is no better option than to have yourself and your land covered with the American Hunting Lease Association


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