If you own property you have probably had the thought before –

“what happens if someone gets injured on my land?”

It doesn’t matter if the guest was invited or a trespasser, if they are injured on your property and they decide to sue, you could, in the very least, be forced to pay exorbitant legal fees. Worse even, if you are found liable by the courts, you could be forced to pay for medical expenses as well!

This might all sound silly to you, especially in the case of trespassers as they have no right to your property, but as a landowner, you have the responsibility of keeping a reasonable level of safety and maintenance to your property. That means clearing established trails of debris and hazards, marking or covering open wells or ditches, and other such small maintenance to keep your property from risk.

The good news is, along with a good risk management plan, there are ways to protect yourself from the risk that you could incur as well as any undue financial burden! Our new Vacant Land Liability Insurance program is the best way to protect yourself from scenarios like this one.

With The American Hunting Lease Association’s new Vacant Land Insurance Program, you could be protected from certain risks including those that come with liability from trespassers being injured on your land.