Hopefully, everyone made it through Mother’s day with a happy lady in their life. But now it’s the dad’s turn! Fathers day is approaching, and there is absolutely no shortage of gear that dads would love to have but might not buy it for themselves. However, finding a gift for fathers day can be tough!

This blog post goes over some of my personal favorite outdoor/hunting gifts for the man in your life! Remember, the best gifts are something someone would never buy for themselves. So put down the bag of fertilizer that he “needs” and get him something awesome!

#1 Personalized Hunting Crate

To kick off the list, I thought I would share a gift that is almost foolproof if he likes hunting/outdoor things. The box is from a company called man crates. Which seems fitting for a Father’s day gift! The box includes

  • Personalized Stanley Insulated Vacuum Bottle
  • Tac-Force TF-469 Folding Knife
  • Stormproof Matches
  • Duke Cannon’s Hunting Soap
  • Camo Face Paint

So between those 5 items for around 100 dollars. It seems like you can’t go wrong! If you are buying for a pickier person who may be hard to please, a gift box could be the right move! It also ships in a cool wooden crate and comes with a small crowbar. Making the fun start as soon as they get the box!

#2 I’d rather be hunting socks

The name says it all! If you are looking for a cheaper gift (11) or need something smaller to add on. Perfect for the hunter in your life and at an affordable price, these socks are light and funny but practical, fathers day gift!


#3 Silicon Wedding ring

Now, THIS is the perfect gift for your husband, who is a working man. We have all heard about the incidents with men’s wedding rings quite literally taking off the fingers of the men wearing them. This is a great alternative that is both safe and still shows off the marriage.


#4 Custom Made Damascus Steel Hunting Kukri

This one is a beauty… Traditionally you would be hard-pressed to find a hunter who doesn’t love a good knife. Mix things up from the traditional fixed blade with this piece of functional art anyone is sure to love.

#5 Duck Hunter Flask, wrapped in leather

There is just something right about booze and duck hunting… Give him the best of both worlds with this high-quality leather-wrapped flask.

#6 Midland 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio

If you are constantly worried about the whereabouts of your father or husband, but they hate having their phone on them in the field. Look this way!

They also boast 5 Animal Call Alerts (turkey, duck, crow, cougar, and wolf), a Vibrate feature to silence all tones, and the Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camouflage pattern make this an ideal walkie-talkie for hunters.


#7 Traeger Pellet Grills

What some consider, including me, to be the KING of fathers day presents. A wood pellet grill/smoker is the ultimate way to enjoy wild game. Or really any meat.

You can also expect dad to take over more of the cooking if he’s grilling up venison on one of these!

#8 The MeatEater Fish And Game Cookbook

If you decided, or don’t, to go with the Traeger grill, there is only one accessory you really need! This is an end-all-be-all on cooking wild game from one of the biggest stars in the industry.

With over 100 recipes for all kinds of wild game. This is a guaranteed favorite for the hunter or outdoorsman in your life and a great Father’s day gift.

#9 A High-Quality Hunting Lease!

Men are always ready to pour money into the preparation and gear that it takes to pull off a successful hunt. But what about the most important part? WHERE you will be doing your hunting.

Forget the days of public land pressure; it’s 2021, and hunting on private, well-maintained hunting leases is the way of the future! Check out what hunting leases we have available today!