Food plots are one of the simplest and easiest ways you can make a property improvement for better hunting and more attraction for wildlife. If you’re looking at an all timber tract, think outside of the box a little bit. This place has a little clearing already that would make a fantastic inside-the-timber food plot. In an area that you have the potential to do a timber harvest or if you have a younger stand of vegetation, it could be brush or saplings, look at the topography of the property. Sometimes it’s easy with a dozer and some machinery to clear a spot where you may not have been able to build a food plot at some time in the past. Looking at the topography we’ve got a flat bench here with winding little fingers that drop off to different side. If this was growing up with young trees and sapling a dozer could have this cleared in a half a day and for a relatively inexpensive bit of machinery time and costs you could have an immediate field.

Sometimes you can correlate clearing an area along with selling some timber. If you could instruct your timber guy and say you want to clear off this acre top and he could go in there and more aggressively harvest the timber and take everything of value for you to leave the job behind less of an overwhelming undertaking of clearing big trees.

We’ve got an opportunity here for a setup of what we would call a stop-over or an interim food plot where you would have deer who were transitioning from here to the big grain fields out west of us here. Really a great setup to be able to ambush a buck before he heads out to the big fields at night to feed. Looking at the ability, if it doesn’t have clearing for a food plot situations, just looking at the lay of the land and the topography, is it possible to work one in here. Thinking in terms of, don’t look at what the immediate situation is but have a vision for what you could do in the future with it.