Hunting is something that no matter which approach you take, it is simply fun. However, with that fun comes a set of rules that hunters must follow. These rules are set in place by states to make sure everyone hunting is doing it efficiently and ethically. Hunting safety is extremely important and one of the first things someone should learn before taking their first shot.

Regulation for Safe Hunting Practices

Hunting is a highly regulated pastime. Meaning that in order to hunt wild game you need a license. Before you obtain a hunting license, you need to pass a hunter education class. The rules change depending on the state that you are in. For some, you only need an official hunters education if your date of birth is after a certain date. For the other, every hunter needs a valid and updated certificate of hunting education.

You can find the specific rules of your state here:

Hunting Safety Course

Regardless of the official requirements from your state, a hunting safety course is always a smart choice. They teach a variety of safety practices including:

–              Safe Firearm handling

–              Ethical Shot placement

–              Individual state regulations

–              Wildlife Management & conservation

If the courses are in person, you will actually have the chance to ask real life questions. Experienced hunters will be able to fill you in on insider secrets and hunting safety tips. As well as just get to know you and help ease you into the community if you are new.

Learn Hunting with an Experienced Hunter

Outside of hunter education programs, you can also learn first hand from an experienced hunter. Of course that is easier said than done. That route requires you to first locate an experienced hunter. Social media has assisted ion this process with various Facebook pages and websites dedicated to setting up new hunters with experience. After finding a hunter, you will need to purchase and apprentice a hunting license. Allowing you to legally hunt and harvest, while accompanied by a licensed hunter. They are not available in every state.

If you already know a hunter willing  to take you out, then simply tag along! The act of killing the animal has to be done by the licensed hunter, but the value of learning first hand is priceless! It will also be a great chance to see if hunting is worth it to you! Hunting safety may seem like a boring process, but for the safety of you and the animals, it is important.