Vacant Land

If you own property that is vacant and undeveloped, you may be left open to unnecessary risks and liability. In order to protect yourself and your investment, you should purchase vacant land insurance. The American Hunting Lease Association has created this guide to vacant land insurance in order to make your shopping experience easy and quick.

The Basics

  • You are not required by law to purchase land insurance; but this coverage can be a lifesaver if you are found liable of an injury due to guests or trespassers on your land.
  • If you do not yet own your property fully, your financer may request you purchase vacant land insurance.
  • Or if your property has existing structures (barns, sheds nonresidential structures), The American Hunting Lease Association’s policy does not exclude them.
  • Also, you also have a hunting lease agreement for your land, Hunting Lease Insurance is vital.

What is Vacant Land Insurance?

Vacant Land Insurance is a separate, supplemental property liability coverage. That is  apart from Hunting Lease Insurance and Homeowner’s Insurance. Vacant Land Insurance covers a claim of injury or property damage resulting in negligence on the part of the landowner, protecting you legally and financially in case of a lawsuit.

While Hunting Lease Insurance covers you in the case of a lessee injury, Vacant Land Insurance would cover:

  • Licensees – a person invited by the landowner to no benefit (i.e. family or friends allowed on property for hunting or recreational purposes for no fee)
  • Invitees – a person invited by the landowner for the benefit of the landowner (i.e. forester, land manager, or logger)
  • Trespassers – any uninvited guest on the property

Through The American Hunting Lease Association’s Vacant Land Insurance policy, there is no premium and no deductible in case of a claim, it is a once a year purchase for year round coverage to put your mind at ease.

Vacant Land Insurance VS. Hunting Land Insurance

If you are thinking about letting hunters on to your vacant land, there are a few things to take into consideration when deciding what kind of insurance you will need. If you are going to be compensated for allowing the hunters on your property, such as a traditional hunting lease, you can get protected under either policy type.

The difference would be whether the hunters themselves would be covered against liability or if you would be covered against other types of guests, invited or otherwise. Under a Hunting Lease Insurance policy, you and the hunters would be covered from liability against each other, but not from trespassers or other guests. A vacant land insurance policy would cover you from all guests (including the leasing hunters) but would not cover the hunters against lawsuits against them.

The best way to be covered against all possible risks would be to purchase a Vacant Land Policy for yourself, and have the leasing hunters purchase a hunting lease insurance policy themselves, which would also include extra coverage for you.

How To Purchase Vacant Land Insurance

Purchasing vacant land insurance through The American Hunting Lease Association is simple and affordable! Follow the link on the button below or give our office a call Monday-Friday 8am-5pm EST