From the Sportmen’s Monthly March 2016 Edition:

The American Hunting Lease Association (, which provides liability insurance to hunters and hunting clubs, has renewed their Sportsmen’s Alliance Leader’s Club partnership with a $10,000 contribution.

The AHLA and its members recognize the significance of having an aggressive organization like the Sportsmen’s Alliance fighting on our behalf. The anti-hunting lobby is strong and well organized, and for that reason alone we rely on the Sportmen’s Alliance to stand up for our rights to hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors. Over the last year, we have not only been represented by the Alliance, but educated as well. The AHLA and our members are proud to support the Sportsmen’s Alliance. – Sean Ferbrache, COO – AHLA

The AHLA also educates landowners on potential revenue from opening their properties to sportsmen – increasing access across the country.

The Sportsmen’s Alliance would like to thank the American Hunting Lease Association for their renewed business partner support in 2016. Each year, the number of threats affecting the entire hunting industry steadily increases. As a Leader’s Club business partner, AHLA demonstrates leadership in their support of our mission to protect and advance the outdoor heritage. – Sean Curran, VP of Membership and Development – SA

A note from us:

We would like to send a thank you out to SA for allowing us to continue supporting all their efforts. We strive to provide the best hunt club insurance available to sportsmen around the country. Partnerships like the one with SA are important as it allows for us to be in a position to grow with like-minded organizations.