You may think that hunting is something done of instinct, drive, and determination. While all of those things play a big role in a hunter’s success, another critical aspect has been growing in popularity.


A broad term, but the way it can assist you in your next hunt is unprecedented. Getting additional information on the deer that call your woods home can make or break a great hunting season. How to gather that information is where things get interesting.

Trail Camera Setup

Every hunter knows what a trail cam is and how it can help. However, a vast number of hunters only set up their trail cameras in season. Which, while still helpful, is not giving you all of the information that you could have on the deer.

This is why putting trial cameras up year-round can be a real game-changer. Giving you the ability to watch your local deer grow as well as if the buck you are targeting is still around!

Forget the days of finding a giant shed in the summer and hoping that the monster will still be around when fall comes. You will have a much better idea of what bucks are left, whos still growing, and what deer have fallen ill or were killed. Keeping a closer high on fawn production is an added bonus.

This type of information is extremely invaluable, especially if you are a serious hunter who only plans on taking down the biggest bucks he can find.

Best Spots for Summer Hunting Trail Camera Setup

Knowing exactly where to put your trail cameras in the summer can be tricky if you have never done it before in this season. You will not be able to find many, if any, rubs or scrapes, which is the spot moist hunters would use for cams. Here are some of the best places to put your trail cameras.

Food Plots

A seemingly obvious choice for summer trail cams is your summer food plot! The benefits of them, however, go beyond just a food source for deer. The shorter stature of the plants makes it an ideal place to put a trail camera that allows you to see everything going on. A prime spot would be up in a tall tree, pointed down, at either entrance to the plot.

Mineral Licks

Before considering a mineral lick, check your state’s guidelines on the use of them.

Mineral licks are great at attracting deer to one spot and keeping them there for a period of time. So if there is a specific area you want to be recorded, or you are low on cameras and can only cover so many spots. Using a mineral lick is a great upgrade to your summer trail camera setup.

Water features.

It should come as no surprise that an easy place to see deer is the local watering hole. It becomes even easier if you are in a summer drought or water access is few and far between.

Like a mineral lick, this is a great spot if you do not have an abundance of cameras at your disposal.


Using trail cameras in the summer is something I believe will be the norm of hunters everywhere in the next few years. In the age of information, a trail camera setup is one of the best tactics.