You can do your best to make your property as safe as possible, but dangers can arise in an instant on vacant timberland. That’s why you need to protect yourself and your investments from expensive lawsuits with Vacant Land Liability Insurance. While most insurance policies will cover a landowner from liability against a Licensee or an Invitee, very few policies will cover a landowner against Trespassers.

Timberland liability insurance differs from other types of liability insurance in several ways including coverages and protections against lawsuits from an individual trespassing on your property. Yes, even if a person enters your property uninvited, you may still be liable if they are injured while on your land. There are two notable examples of when a landowner is liable for the safety of trespassers. One, is if a landowner is aware that there are trespassers on their land, they must take a reasonable amount of care to ensure the safety of their land. The other instance is if a landowner has no knowledge of trespassers, the landowner is only responsible for their gross negligence in the event a hazard exists that should be removed. Some states have laws regarding liability of trespassers, but that doesn’t stop the trespassers from bringing a frivolous and expensive lawsuit against you.

As most landowners know, trespassers are all but inevitable when it comes to private land. So, who counts as a trespasser according to Timberland Liability Insurance? The answer is as simple as you think, any individual who accidentally or purposefully steps foot on your land without your permission is counted as a trespasser. This could be neighbors who wander on to your land while hiking or hunting or even strangers lost in the woods while tracking a deer, if anyone injures themselves on your property and perceive you to be at fault Timberland Liability Insurance is there to protect your investments.

In any and all of these scenarios, The American Hunting Lease Association is here to defend the assets of landowners from lawsuits brought by licensees, invitees, as well as trespassers.