Do you remember the last time you had a few friends over to watch a game? Maybe it was just a Sunday afternoon with a few buddies or maybe it was Superbowl Sunday with a houseful of crazed football fans. Either way, it’s likely as the host you couldn’t really relax and enjoy the game. Between making sure everyone is well fed and using the coasters on your wife’s favorite coffee table, you are also worried that something will be broken. It’s never intentional, but as soon as something goes wrong in the game…someone has to throw a pillow and there goes a lamp!

When it’s your house (and your lamp) on the line, things can get a little tense.

Why You Need Hunting Insurance

Imagine if you had hired someone to watch over your house and valuables during your party. Someone whose only job was to make sure nothing was broken. You may have enjoyed the game a whole lot more.

Think of hunting lease insurance as a designated party sitter.  Whether you are a hunter or a landowner, knowing that you have protection against accidents, injuries and lawsuits will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your hunting lease experience.

Hunters and hunt clubs have a vested interest in making sure the landowner has a pleasant, worry-free experience.  Can you imagine a landowner that wanted to know when and where you were hunting each time? Or one who told you it was too cold, too windy or too rainy to hunt? How about one that said tree stands could only be 8 foot off the ground?  A landowner that is constantly worrying about the hunters that have leased his/her ground isn’t going to enjoy the experience and the added revenue won’t mean a thing.

It stands to reason, if the landowner isn’t happy . . . the hunters won’t be either. Hunters want to decide for themselves when, where and how long to hunt. A bothersome landowner can ruin the experience and leave the hunter wishing they hadn’t paid for a hunting lease.

The cornerstone to any successful lease agreement is a strong relationship between landowner and hunt club. The easiest and most affordable way to accomplish this is provide protection for all parties and remove the worry and tension that inviting guests onto your property can bring.

The American Hunting Lease Association offers a complete risk management package that includes a $2 million hunt club liability policy, a custom lease agreement template, an account to manage leases and a membership into the AHLA.  Landowners and hunt clubs smart enough to take advantage of this package will benefit from the peace of mind that comes with executing a hunting lease arrangement correctly.