Wild Week in Hunting 4/9

Kicking off a new blog series going over some of the craziest, most unique, and all around interesting things going on in hunting from around the world.

From viral videos to heart warming stories, this blog is your destination for all things in hunting, all over the world.



This first video is a public land bow hunting video. Stalking antelopes in Wyoming? Who wouldn’t love to see it!




Whats a Wild Week in Hunting without some wild turkey hunting? The season kicks off strong for outdoors-man Collin Cottreell on opening day!



I came across this video while reminiscing over my last deer season…. oh how I miss it.



Sometimes the day light just isn’t enough time for taking down a big Tom.” don’t discount the fading light of evening as a prime occasion to catch a longbeard at his most vulnerable.”




One of my all time favorite you tube series over hunting. With over 50 episodes available right now, this a channel you don’t want to miss!





Opening days have started and are coming to light in the coming weeks. Hopefully seeing 50 big turkeys go down in just 5 minutes gets you as excited as it does me.



Looking for a fresh new spin on what to do with all the venison in your freezer? This recipe for vension meatballs is awesome!