Hunting With Kids

If you are an avid hunter, chances are that you’ll want to pass hunting traditions down to your children. You may already have an idea of how hunting will fit into your life and how you want to introduce them to it. The greatest joy of being a parent is to be able to share your passions and traditions with your children. Spending time with them doing activities you love helps keep kids mentally and emotionally strong. By including your children in hunting preparation and activities they will develop an appreciation for outdoor sports. They will learn how to aim, shoot and field dress an animal and learn self-reliance in the field. Below are some of the things kids can learn by hunting with [...]

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Are You Ready for a Hunting Lease?

The following is the first in a five-part series of informative articles written for hunters of all experience levels, passions, and expectations. From your first thought of a hunting lease to the moment you send an arrow or bullet in his direction, this series will guide you through the entire process of finding, securing and enjoying a quality hunting lease. I have a mantra. When executed properly, the 'hunting lease' works for everyone involved. Ok, yes it's my job to say that. I get it. But, it's true. When hunters and landowners share expectations and there are fundamental levels of both courtesy and stewardship, the hunting lease arrangement delivers the goods. No other arrangement provides hunters with access to quality wildlife habitat for a fraction [...]

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Your First 3 Must-Do’s on Your New Hunting Lease

Congratulations to you and your pals!  Securing your own hunting lease is a big step, but one you will be glad you took. No other arrangement can bring you the safety and quality experience like hunting private land. I won’t repeat the same topics I wrote about in the last two articles of this series. If you want to review those, they can be found here. Instead let's really take a look at how you can make the very most of your new hunting lease.  Of course, “when” you signed the lease will have an impact on what you can and/or should do on your lease. Let’s assume your lease was signed, insured and paid for in the early fall. That is typically a [...]

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Vacant Land Insurance – A Complete Guide

Vacant Land Insurance – Do I need it? If you own a home, then you are aware of the financial burden that is homeowners insurance. It protects the buildings and any personal belongings that are on your property.  Additionally, this might make you believe that if there are NO structures on the property, you won't need insurance. Well, that’s not really how it works. Regardless of the size of the property, there are inherent risks that come with owning vacant land. Risks that if you are not protected from could turn serious quickly. Knowing that a company has your back when it comes to vacant land accidents can often be the peace of mind that landowners need. Accidents happen, even on land with nothing [...]

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4 Wild Game Recipes | Summer 2021 Favorites

4 Wild Game Recipes | Summer Favorites It’s mid-July at the time of writing this, and I have one thing on my mind for the summer… Grilling all the delicious wild game I have left in my freezer. To make room for even more for next season, of course! Here are a few of my favorite wild game recipes from all corners of the internet. Also, it is specifically made to make you the stand-out chef at any function you attend this summer. There are even a couple that the kids will like! Texas-Style Barbecue Venison Roast Recipe Chefs Note “Barbecue culture runs deep in the Lone Star State. My ties to this cuisine led me to replicate Texans’ beloved smoked beef brisket with [...]

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6 Must Buy Pieces of Hunting Tech in 2021

In the age of computers, social media, and touch screens, everything it is no surprise hunting has gone digital as well. While most o hunting is still patience and knowledge, there are a few new things to the game that help even the playing field with this new hunting tech. Rechargeable Hand Warmers That’s right… A tech-savvy twist on a long-standing hunters favorites. Forget the days of your fingers being too cold to properly pull the trigger. Normal hand warmers can die quick, take up room in your bag, and always have to be replaced. Fixing all of  those problems is a rechargeable electric hand warmer. At a solid price, I think this can make its way into every hunter's pockets this fall and [...]

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3 Reasons Fitness Can Improve Hunting

If I told you to imagine what a hunter looks like, we would all have something different come to mind. For a nonhunter, you might imagine a big guy in camo with an even bigger truck. If you are a hunter, you can just look in the mirror. Regardless of one misconceived idea about what exactly a hunter looks like, most don’t think of them necessarily as athletes. Which you don’t have to be to hunt, but boy does being in shape make hunts easier! Hunting is a great way to get in shape, but what about getting in shape for hunting? Why Fitness can make you a better hunter Now, fitness may not necessarily help you in the physical act of taking down [...]

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Wild Week in Hunting| Angler Edition!

Wild Week in Hunting This week's edition is a good one… The summer months are here, which means one thing. WATer. From boating to fishing to bow fishing, we have got you covered this week. `#1 BOWFISHING My Farm for GIANT CARP for the FIRST TIME!!! (Catch Clean Cook) Kicking this week off with one of my favorite outdoor influencers, Flair! A young outdoorsman who combines his love of hunting and fishing in today's video. He ends it with a catch and cook of the carp he caught, yes that’s right, carp.   #2 Funniest Boat Fishing Fails Nothing is better before the weekend than a good laugh. If you plan on going fishing in the next couple of days, make sure [...]

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Bowfishing Tips| Beat Summer Boredom

If you consider yourself a bowhunter, you know how long the summer months can be. There is nothing to shoot but targets, right? What if I told you there was a way to keep your skills sharp, pout that expensive bow to work and feel the rush of hunting? Well, boy, do I have something for you! Bowfishing Bow fishing is defined as ”taking rough fish by archery where the arrows are tethered or controlled by an attached line.” It might not sound all that exciting, but it is. This blog will be breaking down some tips on getting started in bowfishing. AS well as how to hone your skills and turn into a real robin hood of the lake this summer for some [...]

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5 Summer Hunts to Keep You Busy!

Well, summer is finally here.  A time that can be a double-edged sword for many hunters. The time in between deer and turkey season is confusing. Should you just be prepping for next season? Or is there something else you could be doing to fill your time? Are there even any summer hunts to be had? Going to the range and shooting clay pigeons can only scratch the itch too much. But what is there to hunt during the summer? Summer hunts The first thing you have to consider is where you live. Obviously, seasons and dates change depending on where you are, making sure you are in the right state for what you want to hunt. You can do this in a number [...]

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