Wild Week In Hunting 4/9

Wild Week in Hunting 4/9 Kicking off a new blog series going over some of the craziest, most unique, and all around interesting things going on in hunting from around the world. From viral videos to heart warming stories, this blog is your destination for all things in hunting, all over the world.   #1 This first video is a public land bow hunting video. Stalking antelopes in Wyoming? Who wouldn’t love to see it! https://blog.eastmans.com/unbelievable-spot-and-stalk-bow-hunt-for-antelope/     #2 Whats a Wild Week in Hunting without some wild turkey hunting? The season kicks off strong for outdoors-man Collin Cottreell on opening day! https://bowhunting.net/2021/04/2021-wild-turkey-season-opening-morning/   #3 I came across this video while reminiscing over my last deer season.... oh how I miss it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZmJhpcK8Is [...]

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Ticks: The Worse Thing About Spending Time Outdoors

There isn’t much we don’t love about being outdoors and enjoying the benefits of an active lifestyle. However, if there is one negative that we all have to deal with it, let’s agree on the dreaded and disgusting tick. Unfortunately, the threat of acquiring Lyme disease can be very real and very dangerous. Small in Size, Big in Trouble Most dangers associated with the woods or water can be seen and then avoided accordingly. Not the tick. You can spray down with your favorite repellent and you can wear tight fitting cover-up style clothing, but none of that is a guarantee. In fact, you won’t even feel the bite of a tick due to a chemical found in their saliva that acts as an [...]

Pittman Robertson Act

In 1937 Franklin Roosevelt signed into law the PR Act that provided an 11% excise tax on all firearms and ammunition. (it has since been amended to add archery equipment to the list of taxable items) These considerable funds were then earmarked for distribution to the states to fund wildlife restoration projects, archery education, maintenance of state parks, shooting ranges etc. States receive this funding based on the states area and the number of licensed hunters. So, there is a direct correlation between the number of licensed hunters in a state and available funding from the federal government. How it Effected Hunting In 1937 this was a tremendous financial boom to the states and to the hunting community. Even today, states count on the [...]

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Hunting Leases – The Future of Hunting

Leased Hunting Access and Its Effect on The Future of Hunting Let’s start with this.  Of the over 1000 hunters that lease their hunting access and responded to our survey, 98% of them are at least mostly satisfied and will lease again!  That is an overwhelming reality and should at the very least cause every hunter in this country to take note.  98 out of every 100 hunters that choose to compensate a landowner for exclusive access to quality habitat and have some level of control over harvests, hunting decisions and safety are happy with their decision and will continue to do so. Hunting Lease Survey Results The AHLA undertook this survey to find out if access to quality wildlife habitat was in fact [...]

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Preserve the American Dream

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRiAw3jDPXs Preserve the Dream At the American Hunting Lease Association, we have understood how amazing the opportunity to own your land has always been. Which is why we work hard to insure that our landowners are backed by the strongest policies. The AHLA Vacant land insurance policy was made for landowners, by the people who understand them best. Preserve your piece of the American dream today by signing up with the industry leaders in hunting insurance. Vacant Land Insurance Is vacant land insurance right for you? This program offers General Liability to owners of vacant land. The policy provides coverage for claims arising against the landowner alleging bodily injury or property damage due to the landowner’s negligence. These claims may be brought against the [...]

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Hunters Insurance

The truth about hunting leases is that there just isn’t much downside for any of the parties involved. Landowners realize additional revenue while controlling hunter numbers, reducing trespassing issues and creating much safer hunting conditions. Hunters are thrilled to gain access to quality wildlife habitat through leasing. Most hunters place such a high value on their hunting experience, they are eager to create a friendly, beneficial relationship with their landowner. Which is why landowner liability insurance is so crucial. However, like any arrangement where promises are made and money changes hands, it is imperative for each side to feel comfortable and free from substantial risk. For landowners, the responsibility to provide a safe environment for their “guests” creates a very real liability concern. Any [...]

Bow Hunting Insurance – Why You Need It

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of bow hunting might be hanging stands every fall. Or taking your buddies out for the first time every season, hopeful for another great season. Something you might not think of when it comes to bow hunting is accidents and what happens when the unforeseen happens. That’s where high quality hunting insurance from AHLA for your bow hunting becomes as crucial to your hunt as the bow itself. Bow Hunting Accidents While bow hunting is an extremely fun and rewarding activity for hunters. It does not mean it is without its inherent risks. Even if you are the most experienced bow hunter there is, if you plan on taking people out with you on [...]

It’s Never Too Late to Start Hunting

FISHERS, Ind. – I grew up in your typical storybook small town. The kind where there is just one stop light and corn fields as far as you can see. Growing up I always enjoyed spending time outdoors exploring the unknown. As I grew up me and my friends stayed busy with all sorts of typical activities: like sports, fishing or anything that would keep me and my friends entertained and of course my parents driving us back and forth. But one thing that my friends were doing always piqued my interest. . . hunting. Why didn’t I hunt and how will I start? That’s a good question and I am just now realizing my mistake. Breaking down Barriers Living in a small country [...]

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Fishing: Guide Coverage

.Let’s be honest, taking someone bass fishing for the day can be hard work! Whether your teaching your 5-year-old to bait a hook for the first time. Or you are giving your guests an unforgettable day on the water by using your skill and instincts to put them on fish. Any level Fishing guides NEED coverage from a reputable company! Why YOU Need  Professional Fishing Guide Coverage The truth is you are never just fishing. As a professional fishing guide, you are always scouting, searching, planning and entertaining. All while paying close attention to the safety of your clients; and that’s just when you are on the water. Fishing is one of the safest outdoor activities we enjoy. However, accidents can and do [...]

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