Vacant Land Insurance – A Complete Guide

Vacant Land Insurance – Do I need it? If you own a home, then you are aware of the financial burden that is homeowners insurance. It protects the buildings and any personal belongings that are on your property.  Additionally, this might make you believe that if there are NO structures on the property, you won't need insurance. Well, that’s not really how it works. Regardless of the size of the property, there are inherent risks that come with owning vacant land. Risks that if you are not protected from could turn serious quickly. Knowing that a company has your back when it comes to vacant land accidents can often be the peace of mind that landowners need. Accidents happen, even on land with nothing [...]

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Vacant Land?

If you have found yourself asking this question, you may be new to owning your own land. First things first, Congratulations! Owning your own piece of vacant land in America is a big accomplishment and something that should make you proud. Since it is such an accomplishment to own your own land, protecting that yourself and your land should be one of the first steps you take. Additionally, there is no telling what type of accidents or situations might arise on your vacant land; from trespassers to natural disasters and everything in between. But don’t worry, you are not alone! You can keep yourself and your land protected with a simple vacant land policy. But where do you get vacant land coverage? And how [...]

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Do I Have To Allow Hunting To Buy Vacant Land Coverage?

Is Allowing Hunting necessary to buy Vacant Land Insurance? For those who are new to owning land, the multiple types of insurance coverage can be confusing. Things can get confusing with multiple terms being thrown out like hunting lease insurance,  vacant land insurance, and umbrella policies. A question that many folks find themselves asking is if they own vacant land, does hunting have to be allowed to buy the policy. The simple answer is no, but first, it is helpful to know the difference between vacant land insurance and hunting lease insurance. What Is Vacant Land Insurance? Typical vacant land insurance coverage is a general liability policy that protects landowners of tracts of land with no structures on it. Very few organizations offer a [...]

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Understanding Vacant Land Policy Coverage

What is Vacant Land Coverage If you own vacant land, then you are susceptible to the incidents that occur on your land. Vacant Land liability coverage is needed to keep your land safe and yourself safe from third-party claims. With potentially thousands of dollars in medical bills and defense costs from an accident on your land, getting the right coverage can make all the difference. While it might seem odd to be concerned about liability on an empty lot, overall it is the right choice. A vacant land policy is essentially liability insurance similar to the way your homeowner's policy protects you against accidents on your property. Vacant land policies will protect you if something happens on your vacant lot that leads to an [...]

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Avoiding Liability Claims – Vacant Land

Avoiding Liability claims on vacant land might seem like a no-brainer to some. I mean, it is an empty piece of land with nothing on it, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Multiple situations can arise and accidents can occur on your vacant land that could lead to an expensive liability claim. A claim like this could possibly cost you tens of thousands of dollars in damages and/or medical bills.  But fear not. You can take steps as a landowner to mitigate your chances of having a lawsuit filed against you. If you are curious about the price of Vacant Land Insurance, check out this blog. Steps to Prevent Liability Claims Prevent Vandalism/Trespassing One of the easiest and most effective things you can [...]

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What Land Insurance Do I Need?

Chances are, if you searched for information or guidance on which type of insurance policy (hunting lease or vacant land) was best suited to protect you and your property, you have landed here. Good news! You have come to the right place to have all your questions answered. Moreover, you will leave armed with the knowledge and confidence to secure the appropriate coverage affordably and responsibly for your vacant land. Getting Started In Owning Land with Land Insurance Let’s begin with a simple congratulations. As a landowner, you are one of a very select group of Americans. Those who can lay claim to owning a piece of coveted ground. It is also likely that you worked hard. Saved your money and planned for this [...]

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Defining Vacant Land

Confusion on how some land is described or identified by mortgage lenders and/or insurance companies is understandable. Even they don’t fully agree with what terms best describe land with no improvements or residents living on it. Leaving many people with the question of what is vacant land? A quick Google search provides at least 5 different vacant land meanings. Which further proves that the answer to a relatively simple question can be a little complicated. Let’s see if we can clear it up for you. Vacant Land or Lot? The initial confusion comes from the words land or lot. Millions of Americans purchase vacant lots every year. Most buy their lots to build a home, barn, or garage on. While others may purchase a [...]

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Prevent Trespassing On Your Vacant Land

If you own vacant land, you should be fully aware that trespassing is a crime. As a landowner, you should proactively prevent unauthorized people from using, abusing, or stealing from your property. In addition, accidents happen, and you do not want to be liable. A simple first step to take is to post your property lines with Posted or No Trespassing signs. However, each state has different laws about criminal trespassing, so do your homework to understand what the laws are in your state. Fines or even jail time are often the penalties associated with trespassing on someone else’s land. For example, in Ohio, a person is guilty of criminal trespass: 1. If they enter or remain on someone else’s property without their permission [...]

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5 Tips for Buying Vacant Land

Banks and Mortgage providers often require vacant land insurance Due to the extremely low inventory of existing homes, many people are looking at buying a lot of raw land to build a new home. Are you actively looking to buy a parcel of vacant land? Many others are investing in recreational properties, farms, or even timber. As you probably already know, the real estate market is currently very active. Regardless of your land plans, vacant land liability coverage is often required by lenders and overlooked by buyers. If you are paying cash for your land, you should seriously consider getting liability coverage. Buying Vacant land insurance costs should be very reasonable, provided you do your homework and buy from a specialized provider. The highest [...]

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Trespasser Problem? 6 Tips for Catching Uninvited Guests

Trespasser Problems If you own property with a large amount of acreage, then you know how difficult it can be to monitor that much land at all times. Even with today’s technology, you can’t be everywhere all at once. Here are just a few tips from the American Hunting Lease Association to help catch trespassers on your property. As well as why trespasser insurance is so important. Check perimeter of your property for damaged/cut fences or open gates One easy way to know if there have been uninvited guests on your property is to conduct routine checks of the perimeter to check for gates left open or fences that have been cut or run over to allow access. While it is possible an [...]

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