Video: Crazy DEER crashes into a living room wall Here at the American Hunting Lease Association, we are always on the lookout for crazy videos featuring our favorite animals. Crazy encounters with deer are not uncommon at all. I often find myself stumbling across compilations of them just jumping off bridges. This video is great, no one was hurt, and the deer was eventually ushered out of the house back into the woods. So need to worry, this video is just hilairous.  

Should You Allow Hunting On Your Land| Hunting Insurance

If you are a landowner, then you are sure to have run into this situation. You own an awesome piece of property, perfect for hunting and all-around outdoor fun. You love it, but everyone you know has realized that you are the guy with the land. Which begs the question every landowner has to ask themselves "Should I allow hunting on my land?". So what do you do? While it might seem like the courteous thing to allow people who ask to hunt on your land to do so. Have you considered the risks? Accidents on land are far less uncommon than you would think. Numerous types of incidents could lead to someone seeking compensation or a lawsuit. While you might not think you [...]

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Wild Week In Hunting – 6/4

This series focuses on showcasing some of the most exciting and interesting stories across the internet. Centered around hunting/fishing/outdoors, this is the place for your weekly dose of hunting content. #1 Get a Covid Vaccine, Win A Free Gun Leave it to West Virginia to take incentivizing a covid shot and make it hillbilly.  Their lottery will include drawings for “state park “weekend getaways,” lifetime hunting and fishing licenses, custom hunting rifles, custom hunting shotguns, and brand-new, custom-outfitted pickups.” It seems like West Virginia is really pushing this agenda if you lived there. Would you do it for the chance to win some gear? #2 Wild Boar Hunting Russian Style Well, this is the wild WORLD of hunting! So it seems fitting to [...]

6 Facts About Summer Antler Growth

Antlers. A word that makes any hunter's ears perk up. For some, antlers are what really drive hunting and inspires hunters to continue the never-ending search for a bigger buck. Since it is June and the off-season for Deer. I thought some information around deer antler growth would best be received at this time. Since we are in a perfect time to SEE the growth, here are 5 interesting facts you might not have known about deer antler growth. As well as antlers on deer in general. Remember knowledge is power and it can always be helpful to know more about the animal we all love to hunt. #1 Antler Make-up Antlers are made of bone, mostly calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and other minerals. Although [...]

5 Reasons to Get Started in Hunting

Why Get started in Hunting For those of us who didn’t grow up in a multi-generational hunting family, how to even approach the idea of starting hunting can be confusing. But the reason WHY you should start hunting should not be. From helping improve wildlife management to your own personal health and nutrition. Hunting is not just a thing of the past but a gateway to a brighter and more sustainable future. Isn’t Hunting just Killing Animals? To many people uneducated in what hunting really is. It can be easy to just write off hunting as just mindless killing of animals. When in reality to the individuals who actually hunt. It is so much more than that. It also improves your quality of life! [...]

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5 Wild Game Favorites for Memorial Day

This weekend is race weekend for everyone around the country, but especially here in Indianapolis! We decided to compile a list of some of our race day favorite with a twist! All recipes shown are designed to be eaten with all kinds of wild game! If you are looking for inspiration to turn things up a notch with your game meat, check out these recipes Wild Game Fajitas with Casey Butler The first food to make it on the list is a crowd favorite anywhere you go. Also, these fajitas are best enjoyed using antelope or venison. The recipe is simple enough that almost anyone can cook it. And versatile enough that most game meats could be substituted in! Be sure to be the [...]

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Vacant Land?

If you have found yourself asking this question, you may be new to owning your own land. First things first, Congratulations! Owning your own piece of vacant land in America is a big accomplishment and something that should make you proud. Since it is such an accomplishment to own your own land, protecting that yourself and your land should be one of the first steps you take. Additionally, there is no telling what type of accidents or situations might arise on your vacant land; from trespassers to natural disasters and everything in between. But don’t worry, you are not alone! You can keep yourself and your land protected with a simple vacant land policy. But where do you get vacant land coverage? And how [...]

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Do I Have To Allow Hunting To Buy Vacant Land Coverage?

Is Allowing Hunting necessary to buy Vacant Land Insurance? For some who are new to owning land, the multiple types of insurance coverage can be confusing. Things can get confusing with multiple terms being thrown out like hunting lease insurance,  vacant land insurance, and umbrella policies. A question that many folks find themselves asking is if they own vacant land, does hunting have to be allowed to buy the policy. The simple answer is no, but first, it is helpful to know the difference between vacant land insurance and hunting lease insurance. What Is Vacant Land Insurance? Typical vacant land insurance coverage is a general liability policy that protects landowners of tracts of land with no structures on it. Very few organizations offer a [...]

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Understanding Vacant Land Policy Coverage

What is Vacant Land Coverage If you own vacant land, then you are susceptible to the incidents that occur on your land. Vacant Land liability coverage is needed to keep your land safe and yourself safe from third-party claims. With potentially thousands of dollars in medical bills and defense costs from an accident on your land, getting the right coverage can make all the difference. While it might seem odd to be concerned about liability on an empty lot, overall it is the right choice. A vacant land policy is essentially liability insurance similar to the way your homeowner's policy protects you against accidents on your property. Vacant land policies will protect you if something happens on your vacant lot that leads to an [...]

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Avoiding Liability Claims – Vacant Land

Avoiding Liability claims on vacant land might seem like a no-brainer to some. I mean, it is an empty piece of land with nothing on it, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Multiple situations can arise and accidents can occur on your vacant land that could lead to an expensive liability claim. A claim like this could possibly cost you tens of thousands of dollars in damages and/or medical bills.  But fear not. You can take steps as a landowner to mitigate your chances of having a lawsuit filed against you. If you are curious about the price of Vacant Land Insurance, check out this blog. Steps to Prevent Liability Claims Prevent Vandalism/Trespassing One of the easiest and most effective things you can [...]