2020-2021 showed a mass exodus of cities, towns, neighborhoods, and populated places as a whole. Driven by the unwarranted solidarity given to us by COVID, people are changing where they want to live and raise a family. From renting homes to owning land, change is coming.

Can you  blame them?

Forget the events of the last year; owning your own land is the ultimate way to live in complete freedom. Freedom from neighbors and freedom to do as you please on your own piece of America. The list of things you can do on your own land is endless! Here are a few of our favorite things to do on your own land.

  1. Hunting on Your Own Land

Now, not everyone who buys a piece of rural property is going to be a hunter. But it is no coincidence that a lot of people who spend their time hunting wouldn’t mind living on the land where they hunt.

There is something undoubtedly special about hunting the animals on your very own piece of land. You are able to set up the land to the exact specifications that you like. For example:

  • Custom food plots
  • Trail cams
  • Deer blinds
  • Tree Stands

That is just scratching the surface of the type of things you can do on your land to improve the quality of your hunting. If you are not into hunting, this could be your chance!

Nothing goes better with a self-sufficient lifestyle than hunting and harvesting food on your own land from the animals you provided habitat for.

There are also a ton of benefits in starting hunting as an adult, a few of those being

  • Organic Meat
  • Learn about environmental conservation
  • A deeper appreciation for food and animals
  • Unlimited life lessons to pass on to your family.

While you don’t have to hunt on the rural land you bought, it is a nice bonus to know that the option is always there if you want it!

  1. Farming/ Gardening

Circling back around to one of the benefits of hunting. There really is something about providing your family with food from your land that cant be described.

Hearing the words “farming” can sound intimidating to someone who is not used to that type of lifestyle. But with your own land, you control the scale of farming/gardening that you would like to do!

You may start with the basics, a few tomato and cucumber plots, and maybe some fall squash! You could also jump right in! Depending on the amount of land you own and the time you have at your disposal, you could be providing a huge amount of food a year! Like everything else, when you are owning your own land, it is completely up to you!

Even if you don’t want to use food production as a serious food source, it is a great hobby that the whole family can do. It gets you outside, in nature, and engaging the land you call home. These are invaluable lessons that can really only be taught by doing.

Lessons that would be much harder to learn from an apartment or crowded subdivision

  1. Recreation on Your Land

At this point in the blog, it has become obvious how PRACTICAL and smart it is to buy your own piece of land. But that’s not the only thing to love about owning land. You also get to ENJOY the land every day.

Some of our favorite things to do on our land for fun include

  • Hiking
  • Shooting
  • Full-Size sports ( if you have enough clear space, you can have your own regulation size field for any sport you like!)
  • ATV (from using them to just get around to making a track for the kids, there is no better place to ride an ATV than rural land)
  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Many more!

The type of recreation you can do while owning your own land is as limitless as your imagination! Your kids will love the freedom they have, and you can have the peace of mind that they are having fun away from the dangers other people may bring.

You will also be the destination spot for all your friends and family if that’s what you want, of course. Enjoy massive bonfires and BBQs with as many friends as you can fit! Forget the days of a crowded living room and enjoy your parties outside!


I am not usually one to commend following trends, but the trend of moving away from the crowd to your own land is os something I strongly believe in. From dreams of running with the dog in your open field to providing off the land. It is something that everyone should experience in their life.

Now just happens to be the best time to be owning land. Do it right by working with Land Professionals from Base Camp Leasing who know exactly what to look for when it comes to land.!