When filling out an application for Hunting Lease Insurance you would expect to have to list all of your hunters that will be hunting the property as well as the landowner. So why do we not ask for that information? Will each hunter have to purchase their own policy? Are children covered under the policy if they cannot sign the lease agreement? What about the guests that we bring with us? These are all important questions to ask when purchasing a hunting lease liability insurance policy. I am hoping to clear up those questions to put your mind at ease when purchasing from the American Hunting Lease Association.

Will each hunter have to purchase their own policy to be covered under the insurance?

No, after all, that would be very time consuming not to mention expensive. Under our Hunting Lease Risk Management Package you don’t have to list all of the hunters directly on the application, they are all covered based on the lease agreement you have with the landowner. If they are listed on/signed on to the lease agreement or a hunt club roster is maintained with the lease agreement they are covered.

If we don’t list the hunters how do you know who to cover under the insurance?

They simply need to be listed on/signed onto the lease agreement or have a hunt club roster attached to your lease agreement for the coverage to extend to those hunters. Imagine if you ran a hunt club with 100 members, how daunting would it be to list every single one of them on the policy application? We didn’t want anyone to have to enter the names and contact information of each and every hunter that is a part of the lease or hunt club directly on the policy, having them listed on a hunt club roster or the lease agreement directly will suffice.

What about children under the age of 18?

Children are covered under the insurance policy as long as they are accompanied by an adult. They can be listed on the lease agreement, due to their age they do not have to be a signed party on the lease agreement.

What about guests that we bring on to the property to hunt with us?

Our policy automatically comes with guest liability coverage. For the guest to be covered they will need to be on the property at the same times as a hunter that is listed on the lease agreement or in the hunt club roster. They do not need to be next to them the whole time just on the property at the same time. The guest liability coverage still only applies to hunting related incidents that happen on the property.

Do you need us to supply you a copy of the lease agreement when we purchase a policy?

Not when you purchase a policy, you will only have to supply a copy of the lease agreement if you were to file a claim. If you were to file a claim the insurance adjuster will ask for the copy of the lease agreement to verify who had permission to be on the property for hunting purposes. It is very important that all hunters be listed on/signed on to the agreement or have that hunt club roster to supply when it is requested. We wanted to make our Risk Management Package as complete and easy as possible. You can rest assured that all of your hunters associated with the lease or hunt club roster and their guests are covered under our policy.