There are two cornerstones to every successful leasing experience. The first one is good liability coverage for the hunters and the landowners. The second is a well written and clearly worded lease agreement. Clearly defining the parameters of your lease and the expectations of everyone involved will strengthen the hunter/landowner relationship and make sure you can lease that ground for as long as you like.

A few years ago the AHLA changed the agreement’s terminology to reflect a more accurate description of the “hunting lease” arrangement.  Typically, the term “lease” can be interpreted many ways. It can insinuate tenancy, meaning the leasor or hunter has the right to establish a residence on the property, much like leasing an apartment.  It can also suggest that the landowner must get permission from the hunter to access his own property. Clearly, this is not the intent of a hunting lease.  By changing the term to “license” instead of “lease”, a much more accurate agreement can be created. A landowner is simply granting a hunter or hunt club the right (license) to recreate (hunt) on his property. This minor change also had a positive impact on hunting lease companies. A handful of Midwestern states debated whether leasing agents should be required to hold a real estate license.  The AHLA questioned why the same license required to sell a condo in a busy downtown high rise would be necessary to advise a farmer on the benefits of a hunting lease?  The AHLA agreed to make the change in the contract and each of the states were satisfied.  The AHLA agreement is the latest and most inclusive agreement you will find.

When you purchase your hunting lease insurance through the AHLA, you are purchasing a risk management package that includes the use of our customizable lease agreement template.

In today’s litigious world, it helps to have all of your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed! The American Hunting Lease Association agreement sets the standard for the entire industry. The agreement has been reviewed by attorneys across the country and has always been approved.

Simply sign into your account and you have full access to our lease agreement builder and can produce a rock solid lease agreement with custom written for your lease situation.