This March we sent out a survey to hunters all throughout the industry to find out more info on how they access their hunting lands and how satisfied they are with their experiences. We received over 2000 responses from hunters from all walks of life and we were able to learn so much from hunters who lease and some who have never leased before.

We found out that 76% of the hunters surveyed enjoy hunting just for the outdoors. To them, harvesting an animal is considered a bonus! We also found that 46% of public land hunters are mostly satisfied with their experiences but would prefer to be hunting something exclusive. When we asked hunters who hunted private land, exclusively, for free, 45% of them responded that their experience was excellent.

This information is invaluable to us as the American Hunting LEASE Association. It gives us the insight into what hunters are enjoying most about access to land and what we can do to promote leasing and how to make the experience better and easier for you!

The reported decline in hunter numbers has created a ground swell of efforts to reverse the “trend” by recruiting any and all new hunters. It has become stylish and even virtuous to take part in projects and programs that recruit or introduce new hunters to the sport. Of course, the end goal is to grow the sport and ensure that hunting is an option for future generations to enjoy. However, the AHLA believes that simply increasing hunter numbers by any means necessary is a short-term strategy.  The AHLA is committed to improving the experience of hunting and thus making it more attractive for older hunters to stay engaged and new hunters to see a future that includes spending time pursuing game.

If you would like to see all of the data we collected, you can download the full report here.