Trespasser Problems

If you own property with a large amount of acreage, then you know how difficult it can be to monitor that much land at all times. Even with today’s technology, you can’t be everywhere all at once. Here are just a few tips from the American Hunting Lease Association to help catch trespassers on your property. As well as why trespasser insurance is so important.

Check perimeter of your property for damaged/cut fences or open gates

One easy way to know if there have been uninvited guests on your property is to conduct routine checks of the perimeter to check for gates left open or fences that have been cut or run over to allow access. While it is possible an animal downed your fence, you will be able to tell if it was done by an intruder.

Place trail cameras in easy access areas, for Trespasser Insurance

Look for access points to your property like roadways and trailheads that are easily accessible to trespassers, like those near public roads. Then set up strategically placed trail cameras that are out of sight. Remember to check these often or use cellular type cameras that send images directly to your phone. Having proof in the form of pictures and videos would help any trespasser insurance claim.

Look for unfamiliar tire tracks from Trespassers

While walking your property, be on the lookout for tire tracks and worn trails in areas you don’t usually go. There could be downed trees and tracks left behind from careless trespassers.

Be aware of trash or other items left behind

Always be checking for items left behind by uninvited guests. They may leave behind beer cans, food wrappers and other trash, other items such as trail cameras and tree stands may also be left by trespassers who are unaware they are trespassing

Listen for strange activity

If you live on your property, you have an advantage by always being able to be vigilant to strange sounds on your property. If you hear gun shots or other signs of hunting on your property you will know you have a trespasser. Don’t approach those trespassers.  Contact local law enforcement immediately.

Get to know your neighbors

One of the best ways to catch trespassers is having as many eyes on your property as possible. If you get to know your neighbors, you can keep an eye on each other’s properties.  Recognizing the usual or authorized guests using your properties is a great way to know who is doesn’t belong.

When you own property, trespassers are inevitable. We hope you have found these tips helpful in keeping your land protected from the unexpected. While fences and no trespassing signs are a great way to discourage uninvited guests,  they are not 100% effective.

Trespasser Insurance

If you want to cover all of your bases, a strong  vacant land insurance policy is vital! Accidents happen and you need to be covered against all forms of liability. Check out the American Hunting Lease Association’s  Vacant Land Insurance Program and see why it is the best way to protect your land and your investments.