Why Leasing Access (hunting leases) is the best option for hunters looking for a quality experience.

If you want to have a quality hunting experience, your best bet is a hunting lease. A hunting lease offers you so many advantages over other options like public land. It is just nice to have a spot you can go back to year after year and know that some random hunter has not ruined it.

Plus, hunting leases give you a lot more control over your hunting strategies, which gives you a much better chance of taking a mature buck. Let’s look at the advantages of a hunting lease a little more closely and get you ready to put a buck on your wall this year.

Less Competition

The horror stories of public land always start with “When I got to my stand that morning, there was already a hunter sitting in it” or something like “when the sun came up, I could see six different hunters within 100 yards of me. Even though that may not be ideal, it is perfectly legal and allowed for other hunters to hunt near you on public land.

That doesn’t happen on a private lease unless you have poachers, which is a separate issue. On a hunting lease, you will know everyone that is hunting the property. If you are splitting a lease with a few buddies, you will all know where each other are hunting after a quick conversation, and that will be that.

If you don’t have the lease to yourself, you will likely still have a large portion of it partitioned to you. This is way better than public land, where you can bet a ton of hunters will be in the best spots. This also means you will not have to hike to the most remote sections of the property to beat out other hunters like many try to on public land.

More Control of the Population

One of the largest problems on public land is that there is a lack of mature bucks. This is because if the average hunter sees a buck on public land, they shoot it because If they don’t shoot it, the next guy will, and they go home empty handed.

Not every hunting lease is a safe haven for young bucks, but they are generally much better off than public land. If the lease is big enough, you can get a real good idea of which bucks have their core area on the lease. Then you can be fairly certain that these bucks are spending the majority of their time on the lease and are not going to be taken out by the neighbors.

That means you and your lease buddies can pick which bucks are on the hit list and which ones are going to be left for next year. Quality deer management is actually possible on a hunting lease, and if you do it right, you will have a respectable population of mature bucks to hunt each year.

For smaller leases that are not going to hold a buck for the majority of his day, you can still have a handle on quality deer management. You just may have to have a conversation or two with your surrounding neighbors.

It is not uncommon for a hunting lease to be next to another hunting lease. If you’re okay sharing information with another hunter, figure out who is on the other lease. They will likely be interested in quality deer management as well, and you two can help each other out.

A Reliable Spot You Can Come Back To

We touched on this briefly before but having a reliable hunting spot to come back to year after year can take a ton of stress off the shoulders of a hunter. Remember the years when you didn’t have a hunting spot lined up by summer, and you had to scramble to figure out where you were going to go? Yeah, that isn’t fun for us either.

Plus, after you hunt a particular lease for a couple seasons, you will really figure out how the deer work there. You can pick out your favorite stand locations and know where they are going to be year after year without fail.

The information you gather over the years will be much more valuable than any preseason scouting you would do on your new public land spot. All and all, a hunting lease is less of a hassle, and you are much more likely to hone in on a mature buck on your hunting lease.

  1. Public land generally can’t produce quality hunting
  2. Recovering game is one of the biggest hurdles on public land
  3. There are no “secret” spots
  4. Anyone can have access 

Hunting Strategy Freedom

Another bonus of a hunting lease is that you have the freedom to change your strategy at any time. If you feel like a different part of the lease may be a better spot to hunt than where you were today, you can go there tomorrow and not have to worry about someone else being there.

A hunting lease also allows you to hunt on your feet. Still, hunting is often impossible and very dangerous on dense public land because you could run into a number of other hunters. Some of those hunters could even mistake you for an animal and fire at you. All and all, still hunting is a bad idea on public land but totally possible on a hunting lease.

Staying Protected

When you are on a hunting lease or hunting club, you can also get hunting lease liability insurance. This insurance is explicitly specialized for hunters and covers everything you may need while you are partaking in your favorite pastime.

Luckily you are already in the right place. The American Hunting Lease Association has million dollar policies that you can easily and affordably get for any hunting lease. We cover property damage, fire damage, medical expenses, and accidents related to tree stands and ATVs. Our policies also have member to member coverage, landowner coverage, and no deductible.

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